Wolfsglen in Westwood is a great spot for a delicious meal - with slight caveat of bit spotty on service.

It was a rainy day in Los Angeles when I met Chris at Wolfsglen in Westwood. Now, what’s funny about this is that I literally thought of going to Wolfsglen from an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” the previous Sunday.

I started with the THE AMETHYST 21 (‘Ardbeg 10’, mezcal, cremé de violette, lemon, rose syrup, butterfly pea flower) while I waited for Chris to breeze through the door. And when he did, he was as fashionable as the drink itself.

I absolutely love a performance drink. The butterfly pea flower ice cube and glitter was perfection. It reminded me of my beautiful drinks at Teleferic Barcelona 1992 in Brentwood.

For our first course, we shared the CESAR SALAD (buttermilk miso dressing, little gem lettuce, parmesan crisps) and the MUSHROOM ARANCINI (arborio rice, and truffle oil). Both dishes were absolutely perfect.

But, if I had to give a preference, I would say that I would order the arancini again and choose something else, to try something new. However, both were delicious.

Now, our second course of the RIGATONI DÍAVOLA (spicy vodka sauce, shrimp and parmesan) was supposed to happen “soon” as our waiter kept saying to us. However, that soon turned into me having to ask the manager where our food was.

After we were mistakenly brought out a piece of chicken and I immediately said “We didn’t order that”.

Chris and I had a great time conversing in the mean time. But, there is a point in a conversation where the filler turns into “Okay, where is my food?”

I could understand how things could have gotten confused, based on the larger party of diners in the other room. But, after about a 30 minute wait, our dish finally came out.

Which was delicious, don’t get me wrong. I love a fantastic vodka cream sauce and this was one of the best. However, I wish communication has been more fluid and honest.

For our main course of the evening, I ordered the APRICOT SOUR (16 house blend whiskey, passion fruit, lemon, egg white) as we shared the BROCCOLINI (lemon zest and horseradish) and the SEARED STRIPED BASS (spicy coconut broth, herb salad).

Now, I will say, the sea bass was so delicious, it made me was to get a group of friends together, charter a fishing boat, fish or a day and then have a chef come and cook our catches. It was GOOD. The broccolini was a fantastic accompanying dish.

For dessert, we both ordered the CIDER SEDUCTION (bourbon, lemon, ginger, apple cider).

That’s when I noticed that Wolfsglen turns into a dance club for college kids after a certain time. And, someone left their Apple Vision on the bar counter while they went to do something else.

Because, Westwood.

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1071 Glendon Ave
Westwood, California 90024
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