Poltergeist, the restaurant paired with the barcade Button Mash, served a one two punch of taste and presentation, in Echo Park

When thinking of where to meet Matt for our semi monthly dinner and creative conversation night out, I knew I wanted to pick a unique place. After a minor search, we settled on Poltergeist. My last visit to Button Mash was the year that they opened. I loved the barcade scene in Los Angeles. I still have fond memories of going to EightyTwo in downtown Los Angeles.

We started with two of Brasserie d’Achouffe’s “Mc Chouffe” Belgian Brown Ales as we walked around the barcade. It was extremely fun to watch Matt bring back memories of his youth, as he played classic games such as Crazy Taxi, Street Fighter 2 and the Venom pinball game.

Once our table was ready at Poltergeist, we eagerly found ourselves seated and browsing the menu. After exchanging more excited pleasantries, we settled on a dining plan.

First out, was our order of  THAI CAESAR SALAD (Frisee, Lemongrass, Puffed Rice Crouton, Smoked Anchovies, Parmesan). Now, this Caesar salad is a well designed masterpiece. And I can’t really minimize that. The puffed rice croutons were served upright, on top of the salad. It was phenomenal presentation. With taste to match.

Next up was the HONEY WALNUT PRAWNS (New Caledonian Blue Prawns, Celeriac Kewpie, Candied Walnuts, Horchata Panna Cotta, Crispy Rice Salad). Now, I don’t know why I thought the prawns would be served deheaded. But, they were not. They were very much served whole.

After which, the BROCCOLI BEEF RAVIOLI (Short Rib, Dark Soy, Brown Butter, Broccolini, Parmesano Reggiano) was brought to the table. Matt was in oral heaven. I loved the savory taste of the short rib and the dark soy. It truly was well done.

Our final dish of the evening, COCONUT CURRY CHOCHYOTES (Red Curry Fondue, Blue Masa Dumplings, Oyster, Shumeji, and King Trumpet Mushrooms, Fried Dill). This was a fascinating dish. I had no idea mushrooms could be so triumphant in a dish. The red curry fondue was a savory hit.

Overall, it’s a pleasure that Poltergeist has taken the permanent restaurant space at Button Mash. There is so much to love and devour about the menu. Plus, the taste of the dishes match the phenomenal presentation.

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1391 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90026
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