The Lonely Oyster

The Lonely Oyster in Echo Park is a high quality, beautifully decorated seafood spot in Los Angeles, California

For me, eating oysters is a sensory delight that transcends mere taste; it’s an experience of briny perfection. Each succulent morsel carries the essence of the sea, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of mineral complexity that tantalizes the palate.

Whether enjoyed raw on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon or embellished with a dash of hot sauce or mignonette, oysters offer a culinary adventure that embodies the ocean’s bounty.

The smooth, slippery texture of a freshly shucked oyster contrasts beautifully with the burst of flavor as it meets the tongue. My current favorite, Kumamoto, gives the right amount of light sweetness that plays with my senses.

It had been much too long since I’d found myself at Found Oyster. I’d slowly found myself with a strong craving for oysters. So, I booked a table for one at The Lovely Oyster in Echo Park.

Shockingly, I found good parking at one of the public parking spots off of Echo Park Blvd. After checking in for my reservation, I was quickly led to my table.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant was how beautiful it was. Done up in true nautical style, the interior of The Lonely Oyster was done up in hues of pink, blues and natural rope. The space feels large but cozy and well lit.

But, I didn’t come to admire the interior design. I came for the oysters.

After browsing the menu and discussing the off menu oysters of the day with my waitress, I ordered a half dozen mix of BLUE POOL OYSTERS (Hama Hama Farm in Washington), MIRAMICHI OYSTERS (Chelsea Farm in Washington) and SIRENA OYSTERS (Chelsea Farm in Washington).

If there was a such thing as perfection in oyster form, this is it.

All oysters served with citrus soy, mignonette, sesame chili oil, cocktail sauce & horseradish. And let me tell you, I put each of the droplets on EVERYTHING. They are the most interesting, addicting selection of oyster enhancements I’ve had.

To satisfy my week long craving, the AHI TUNA TARTARE (Raw Yellowfin or Bigeye Tuna, Avocado, Chili Crisp, Unagi Sauce, Orange, Scallion, Wonton) soon followed. It was some of the highest quality ahi I’ve had. Each bite was a bite of pleasure.

To satisfy my week long craving, I also ordered a glass of Bodega Rezabal’s “Arri,”  an effervescence Txakoli varietal white wine from Spain.

For my second course, off the Nightwatch Menu (it starts at 10pm), I ordered the GLASS OF HOUSE RED WINE (Deobriga’s Seleccion Familiar Rioja, a Tempranillo from Spain), alongside OLD BAY FRIES (House-made Dill Tartar) and SALMON CRUDO (Fresh King Salmon in a Citrus Sauce with Fresno Chili, Micro Cilantro and Black Sesame Seed).

It was exactly what I needed to finish off a rather challenging few weeks.

A table for one, with my journal and delicious food.

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The Lonely Oyster

1320 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, California 90026
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