Aunt Yvette’s Kitchen

Aunt Yvette's Kitchen in Eagle Rock serves the best Ethiopian food I've had the pleasure of having in Los Angeles

When I first asked Johann if he was doing anything for his birthday, I was shocked to hear that he didn’t have anything planned. So, I wanted to take him out for lunch to celebrate another year of his joyous turn around the sun.

I settled on Ethiopian food, which is something we hadn’t had together yet. I wanted to go to a spot outside of the usual Little Ethiopia highlights. With that in mind, I picked Aunt Yvette’s Kitchen, in Eagle Rock.

Upon entering the doorway of Aunt Yvette’s Kitchen, I felt transported into a luxurious version of the best Ethiopian restaurant I could imagine visiting. It set the scene to the visual and oral majesty that was to come.

After happy birthday wishes, we ordered. After our hands were cleaned with freshly sprinkled  rose water, we were served.

Our ETHIOPIAN TEAS (with cinnamon, cardamom, orange and cloves) warmed our bodies and our hands.

Our platter of  the VEGGIE COMBO (7 vegetable dishes, including Kik Alicha, Misir Wat, Gomen, Ethiopian salad, Cabbage and Carrot) arrived at our table, along with the DEREQ TIBS (Pan Fried Crispy Beef, Serrano, Rosemary, Onion, Served With Senafich Sauce & Mitmita) and YE BEG ALICHA (Ethiopian Mild Lamb Stew) placed in the middle. Alongside, we received personal rolls of INJERA to start.

Now, when I say this is the best Ethiopian food I’ve had in Los Angeles, I mean it. Dining at Aunt Yvette’s Kitchen was a sensory experience of oral and visual pleasure. Personally, my favorite item on the platter was the Dereq Tibs. But everything – and I do mean every single item – was delicious.

In true celebratory energy, we shared the BASQUE CHEESECAKE WITH BURNT CARAMEL along with a scoop of house made CARDAMON TEA ICE CREAM. 

It was simply a delicious experience that was a pleasure to have.

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Aunt Yvette's Kitchen

1743 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90041
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