Capri Club

Capri Club is a fantastic aperitivo bar, serving traditional inspired Italian light bites - perfect for sharing - in Eagle Rock

There are certain experiences in dining that are perfect to experience with certain friends. When I first heard about Capri Club being a very sociable spot in Eagle Rock, the first person that came to mind that I wanted to go with was Chris.

So, on a warm summer afternoon, we found ourself at a sidewalk table at Capri Club. It was packed at 6pm. Inside the bar, it was standing room only, as all the tables and booths were filled with lively patrons. So, I was extremely happy that Chris was able to snag the last table as I found parking off of Eagle Rock Blvd.

Once settled in, we checked the website to agree on what to order at the bar. I settled on the CHERRY SPRITZ (vodka, maraschino, cherry amaro, bubbles, soda). Once received my drink and we toasted the evening, I took my first sip.

I will say this – Capri Club is worth the hype.

My drink was cold, refreshing and delightfully cheery. Must have been the cherries.

It set the tone for the rest of the Italian Rivera on The Sidewalk of Los Angeles evening vibe.

Chris ordered the TUNA CRUDO PLATE and the SUPPLÍ (fried beet-risotto balls with mozzarella, beet purée) for us to share. The quality of the olive oil in the tuna crudo was an oral revelation. Sometimes, it’s truly the little details that matter the most – which add up to an outstanding dish. The capers were the good kind. And the micro greens added just the right amount of green to make the dish visually appealing.

What I appreciated the most about the suppli were the different servings of beet. In the sauce puree, the beets were whipped and provided a refreshing flavor that was distinct without being overpowering. Within the fried risotto balls – I mean, it was fried cheese with beets. It was top tier delicious.

To compliment, I ordered the BRUSCHETTA CAPRESE W/BUB’S BREAD and the CURED MEATS & CHEESE (aged prosciutto crudo di parma, mortadella, salame, provolone, pecorino romano, Bub & Grandma’s bread) to share.

Now, I’d first been introduced to Bub & Grandma’s bread at Hatchet Hall – and then Dunsmoor. Here, at Capri Club, the bread was the thick crusty centerpiece to the bruschetta caprese. Now, if you’re splitting this dish, they will give you a knife. But, you should also also for a separate plate. Why? This bread deserves to be ripped, dipped and savored. The balls of mozzarella blend well with the freshest and most plump tomatoes I’ve had the pleasure of appreciating this summer.

The plate of charcuterie was appreciated. I loved tearing apart the accompanying bread, creating a delicious open face sandwich with the prosciutto crudo di parma and olive oil and eating it. The bright green olives were the right amount for the dish. This goes along with the almonds. Everything was perfectly portioned for sharing and enjoying.

Ending the evening, we both finished with the WHITE NEGRONI (gin, mezcal, amaro angelino, suze, bianco).

It was an exceptional series of moments on the sidewalk of Eagle Rock Blvd.

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Capri Club

4604 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90041
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