CUT by Wolfgang Puck

The one where I make the mistake of going to a renowned steak restaurant - but only order oysters and a salad.

Okay, I didn’t plan on getting too full from a previous pre dinner meetup with Johann at Olive and Thyme in Santa Monica. However, the situation arose that I was too full from pizza to fully take savory advantage of CUT’s outstanding selection of meats and cuts.

But wow – what I couldn’t eat with my mouth, I devoured with my eyes. I cannot remember the last time I had a meat platter presented table side. Our waiter brought the different cuts of the evening out, explained the history and pedigree of each one and actually taught me a few things about marble, history and breeding.

First, I absolutely love spending time with Beth. Having heartfelt conversations with women I admire, learn and grow from is very dear to my evolution. This time, we discussed my recent ayahuasca experience and the process of grief. It was during this time that realized I had an ordering dilemma: I was too full.

Once I realized I was too full to order a delicious steak – because the days of me stuffing myself for a glutinous feat are over – I browsed the menu to see what was smaller portioned. I settled on the oysters of the evening – KUMAMOTO OYSTERS (which are my favorite due to being super light and easy to eat) and the EARTH CRAFT GARDEN FARM LITTLE GEM LETTUCES (parmesan garlic dressing white anchovy cherry tomato crostini).

I knew the kumamoto oysters were going to be a solid choice. As, as I expected, they were. But, what I didn’t expect was how much I enjoyed the simple yet striking presentation and taste of the fancy AF Caesar salad. Call it what it is – I ordered a $30 salad with anchovies on top. And did I enjoy it? Oh yes – yes I did. It was outstanding in taste, structure and freshness.

The BREAD TRIO (Hokkaido milk bread, house knotted pretzels rolls, parmesan crisps with roasted popper walnut dip) course was also delicious. Beth absolutely loved her cut of exceptionally well prepared beef. However, I must admit that plating wise – a piece of cooked meat on a giant plate looks funny. The plate size slightly dwarfed the cut. Small detail, but noticeable.

Parking is $10 if you valet, as you get validation from the hostess. As it was Beverly Hills, south of Rodeo, I was able to find free metered street parking. Free parking is always a bonus in my book.

Next time – and there will be a next time, I’ll be sure to go with a very hungry stomach.

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CUT by Wolfgang Puck

9500 Wilshire Blvd (inside the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel)
Beverly Hills, California 90212
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