Steak 48

Dinner at Steak 48 in Beverly Hills sets the bar regarding what a quality steakhouse in Los Angeles should be.

There are simply some restaurants that you encounter that set the bar for what to expect. Now, this is different than at a Michelin star restaurant. That’s a different expectation. But, I’m talking about The Steakhouse Built On Exceptional Service. That is what Steak 48 offers their clientele.

It was a day in which a celebration was in order. Once checked in, I was handed a handwritten note, signifying the day. This showed me that the notes in my reservation were actually read and taken seriously.

After we were seated, I ordered THE FRENCH OLD FASHIONED (h by hine cognac, Demerara brown sugar, angostura bitters, fresh orange peel, luxardo cherry). This drink was exceptional and set the tone of the evening, beautifully.

First up, as an appetizer, the BRAISED PORK BELLY (local honey, sweet Thai chili, sautéed spinach) was served to the table. These healthy sliced pieces of pork goodness were enhanced with the spicy goodness of the sweet Thai chili.

As a main course, we shared the 45 DAY DRY AGED BONE-IN RIBEYE with BLACK TRUFFLE GREEN PEPPERCORN. Alongside, the WHIPPED PRALINE SWEET POTATO (Madagascar vanilla bean, mascarpone, candied pecans, streusel crisp) and the CREAMED SPINACH (chopped spinach, smoked garlic, artichoke hearts, sweet cream) were served.

The steak….. if you find yourself at Steak 48 and are questioning if you should get the 45 Day Dry Aged Ribeye – just get it. It is a smokey, oral orgasm that inspires you with the power of how sensual a well crafted piece of meat can be.

I will admit, at first, I did not believe our waiter, Travis, when he strongly suggested the sweet potatoes over another potato dish I’d inquired about. However, when I had my first bite, it was transcendental. I have never had anything like that before.

To go with the meal, I had a healthy pour of Daou Vineyards’ 2021 Limited Edition Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles). It was absolute food excellence.

For dessert? The SORBET (Blood Orange Scoop). It was crisp, delicious and refreshing as a palate cleanser. I also finished with a decaffeinated cappuccino. I wanted to take it to go – but was told that they did not have to go cups. In any case, it was brew perfect.

But, what really set the bar in my mind regarding Steak 48? The next day, I received a call from the restaurant, thanking me for my patronage and wishing me a great day. It was a throwback to a time of feeling cared for as a customer and appreciated. There are no words for how highly I appreciate my time at Steak 48.

Terrin, the friend that recommended it to me, told me that it was his favorite restaurant in Arizona.

Steak 48 now one of my top 5 in steakhouses in California.

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Steak 48

9680 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, California 90212
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