Fia Steak

Fia Steak is a delicious revelation of what's possible in a modern Los Angeles steakhouse in Santa Monica.

It’s become a yearly tradition that when it’s Johann or my birthday, we take each other out for dinner. Last year, he treated me to a luxurious dinner at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura. This year, I took him to Fia Steak.

I started the evening off with the RAPID BARREL AGED MEZCAL NEGRONI (Mezcal, Italian Bitter, Blood Orange Aperitif, Smoked Salt). I delight in a well crafted Negroni. Fia Steak’s Negroni menu is top tier and excellent. The mezcal Negroni? Absolutely excellent. It was rich, smooth, smokey and well balanced. Plus, I loved the detail that even my ice cube said “Fia” on it.

Our server, Samantha, reviewed the menu and answered all our questions succinctly. Now, it’s rather rare that I order the white truffle special on the menu. It truly has to be a special restaurant that I can trust. Well, due to Samantha’s suggestion, I did that at Fia Steak. And my palate and memory of the experience was made better for it.

Before our amuse-bouche of Porchini mushroom soup, a sample of our PRIME NEW YORK STEAK (Creekstone Farms, 14 Oz) was showcased to us, pre cooked. Now, the beauty about Fia Steak is the details. Cut by Wolfgang Puck does it with a tray to showcase all the different cuts of meat. However, this felt more – personal.

Speaking of the amuse-bouche, the PORCHINI MUSHROOM SOUP showcased a delicious depth of umami in every bite. It was the balance of richness – without being too much. A few spoonfuls is all you needed.

Especially, with the BREAD COURSE that arrived at the same time. The pepper and onion bread (I believe it was schiacciata, which is similar to focaccia) and olive breadsticks were outstanding. I delighted in ripping off pieces of the schiacciata and soaking up the final drops of the porcini soup. Personally, I enjoyed slathering the Normandy French Butter on the bread, rather than the beef tallow spread (cold beef dripping from A5 Wagyu). For me, it was a texture situation. I feel that the tallow would have been better as a whipped accoutrement vs as a gelled spread.

Soon, the HAMACHI CRUDO (Lime Leaf, Coconut Dressing, Serranos, Finger Limes) arrived. The SPICY AHI TUNA CONES (Tuna, Kaluga Caviar, Gold Leaf) followed immediately after.

Now, I thought I’d reached my limit with caviar. In fact, I routinely ask for as small of caviar as possible, when it’s an unavoidable part of a dish. However, the Kaluga Caviar in the tuna cone restored my faith in how caviar can actually enhance a dish vs be a useless filler for an up charge. It was smooth, quality and I could have easily eaten much more with champagne and potato chips.

Dare I admit – it is my favorite caviar? I think it is. Amanda would be proud (she loves caviar).

Another detail I savored with the tuna cones is the light toasting of the cone itself. It created a solid structure that didn’t fall apart in my hands. It was absolutely flawless, in taste and structure.

Not to be in the background, the hamachi crudo was outstanding. High quality fish with the best coconut dressing – my mouth waters at the memory.

For our salad course, our TABLE SIDE BABY GEM CAESAR SALAD (Grilled) was – to put it bluntly – dope AF. After my caesar salad at Cut by Wolfgang Puck, I have to admit that I love a fantastic, authentic – with anchovies – caesar salad. Prepared and presented table side, my curiosity about how much of a difference grilling lettuce would make in the dish was satisfied. In short, lightly grilled caesar salad is awesome. I don’t now why it’s not a part of more menus. I can’t explain the logic as to why. It just is.

After a delayed pause in service, our main courses arrived. Soon, our table was decorated with DAUPHINOISE POTATOES (Double Cream, Thyme, Rosemary, Chives), WHITE TRUFFLE PASTA (Fresh shaved white truffles from Alba in the Piedmont region of Italy) and the PRIME NEW YORK STEAK (Creekstone Farms, 14 Oz).

To accompany the steak, I ordered the CREAMY HORSERADISH SAUCE and PEPPERCORN SAUCE. I’m glad I didn’t order the BÉARNAISE sauce, as that came with our steak. The sauce trio was perfection. Which was my favorite? The creamy horseradish, by far.

To finish and conclude our celebratory dinner, I ordered the CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE (Manjari Chocolate, Grand Marnier Anglaise) to share. Words can’t describe how sensual it was to have our server break the souffle open and pour the hot anglaise in the middle.

The whole dinner was delicious experience in oral decadence and a reminder to continue to allow pleasure into my life. When I paid the check and said goodbye to my dear friend, all I could do was feel gratitude about life.

Good friendships – along with delicious dinners – deserve to be celebrated.

Bon appétit.

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Fia Steak

2458 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, California 90403
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