Vamos Vamos

Vamos Vamos is a lovely space in Santa Monica that showcases authentic New Mexican cuisine.

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January 6, 2023
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Being a Los Angeles native, it seems that the landscape of Main Street changes every two years or less. Driving to Vamos Vamos, I was in awe of how much had changed on Main Street in a post Covid world.

But, such is the nature of impermanence in Los Angeles. I can’t even remember the space that Vamos Vamos replaced. But, I knew it was where I wanted to meet Beth for a delicious dinner, blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

The space of Vamos Vamos is bright, airy and comfortable. It’s lively without being too overwhelming with noise. It didn’t take long for us to settle in and start ordering.

We started with the CHILE VERDE NACHOS (shredded pork, hatch green chile, house refried beans, tomatillo, Monterey, jack + cheddar cheese). To drink, I ordered an AGUA FRESCA (watermelon).

When the nachos arrived, I was impressed. The New Mexico infused flavor was spot on. Whereas other typical nacho dishes rely primarily on salsas to bring out the flavor of the dish, the layered nature of the chili verde nachos allowed the real star to shine: the fried tortillas themselves. The watermelon agua fresca was also refreshing and delicious.

Now, it’s rare that you can actually taste the quality of a chip. Usually, it’s an afterthought. Something to pass the time until a main course appears. However, the La Princesita Tortilleria tortillas are really that good. Absolutely outstanding.

After finishing a chunk of the nachos, we split an additional side of GUACAMOLE to finish the rest. Yet again, another solid choice.

We rounded out our shared dinner with an order of the FISH TACOS (crispy breaded rock cod, cabbage slaw, lime, avocado puree). This is another dish in which the quality of the ingredients shine through. Definitely a good choice.

In conclusion, I would say that Vamos Vamos is a great place to split the check. Otherwise, prices are rather high for what you get. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is top notch. But, I would suggest ordering a decent amount of food, conversing with friends and splitting the bill.

Vamos Vamos

2917 Main St
Santa Monica, California 90405

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