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Cipriani Beverly Hills is a Italian cuisine, come here to be seen dream, in Beverly Hills, California

There are some people in your life that you meet and bond with over trauma and grief. Which is why my dinners with Erik mean so much to me. Especially, in light of another recent travesty that he endured, it was so good to meet at Cipriani in Beverly Hills, exchange hugs and share food.

The Cipriani story traces back to 1931 when Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry’s Bar near Piazza San Marco. This quaint establishment soon became a gathering place for artists, writers, and socialites, drawn to its intimate ambiance and exquisite cuisine.

So, when a new location opened in Beverly Hills, I dutifully made a six week out reservation. I had no idea how meaningful the experience would be for the two of us.

Upon first entering Cipriani, I immediately felt the newness of the location. Luckily, unlike other diners that complained on Yelp and Google Reviews, our reservations weren’t haphazardly canceled by the restaurant. And, they read my notes of a “table with a beautiful view of the restaurant.”

They delivered, in hearts. I saw everything – all the fashions and all the looks. My favorite type of table placement.

Now, what I love is attentive service at a restaurant. Immediately upon sitting, a waiter handed us our menus and asked for our preferred drinks.

I ordered the BELLINI (Created by Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice. Made with White Peach Purée and Cipriani Prosecco). When it arrived, I thought it was lovely – and tasted as much so.

Out next came the PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DOLCE DI PARMA was shaved and placed on the plate as a rose. I used the bread from the served bread basket. When it arrived, Erik and I immediately thought it was plated in the shape of a rose. Which was really cute. Even better? How well the prosciutto slices went with the bread basket selections.

The FRIED ARGENTINIAN SHRIMP WITH TARTAR SAUCE & SHOESTRING FRIES was interesting. The small thin strips of fried potatoes felt like filler that would have been better with arugula. However, I thought the shrimp was plump and delicious. The tartar sauce fit perfectly with it.

I’d actually been looking forward to a gin martini all day, before arriving at Cipriani. When in a place that serves good drinks, my new favorite thing to get is a gin martini. So, for my main course, I ordered the THE MONTGOMERY (Named after the famous English General, 15 part Gordon’s Gin to Dry Vermouth).

The HOMEMADE BAKED WHITE TAGLIOLINI WITH HAM was MUCH different than I expected. I thought it would be a larger dish, with longer strands of pasta and larger chunks of ham. However, the dish was more cheese and Béchamel sauce forward, with smaller strands of pasta.

The POACHED CHILEAN SEA BASS “ALLA CARLINA” SERVED WITH RICE PILAF was good. But, the rice felt like a filler. I would have preferred a more substantial pasta rather than rice.

As we wanted to spend more time together and converse, the CHOCOLATE CAKE with DECAF COFFEE was perfect.

Now, I will say that Cipraini is a scene, for sure. It felt different than my dinner at Steak 48 and Crustacean Beverly Hills. I will also admit that it was nice to enjoy the menu once.

But for portions sake, I would suggest Bacetti, Met Him at a Bar or Mother Wolf.

However, dinner here was punctuated by the meaning and workings of friendship and the safe space for tears and expressing emotion. The older you get, the more you realize how solid friendships really do create the backbone of life. And that being present for someone, especially – when you have the comforts of luxury around you, makes life better and a bit easier for an evening.

Sometimes – for a few moments in time – that’s all you can ask for.

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Cipriani Beverly Hills

362 N Camden Drive
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