The Wife and the Somm

The Wife and the Somm

My favorite wine bar in Los Angeles – that also happens to serve incredible food from an ever-changing menu.

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January 13, 2023
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I have savored numerous delicious nights under the roof of The Wife and the Somm. It’s honestly my favorite wine bar in Los Angeles. The wine selection is outstanding, the vibe is on point and the decor is a lesson is refinement. The fact that they serve top tier food with a menu that changes regularly is simply a bonus.

For this particular night, our evening meal consisted of starting with the HAMACHI CRUDO (leche de tigre, apple garlic). As I love a good hamachi crude, this one was absolutely outstanding. The flavors melted together, dancing on the oral palette.

Next up was the WHIPPED BONE MARROW TOAST (Bone marrow “butter” with red wine shallot jam, cilantro/radish salad and green sauce on toasted, Clark Street sliced loaf). Now, I’d ordered the bone marrow dish previously. But, this incarnation was completely unique and different. Instead of served roasted  on the bone, the marrow was whipped in a mousse and served on thick bread. It was melt in your mouth oral ecstasy. Fucking incredible.

For our main dish, we split the HOUSEMADE PAPPARDELLE WITH ITALIAN SAUSAGE (Italian sausage, roasted tomato ragù, parmesan, micro basil). The noodles were fat and wide, easily picking up the hearty ragu.

We ended with THE WIFE’S HONEY SPICE CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING (richly delicious and moist spice cake with honey, cinnamon, fresh ginger and nutmeg) paired with pieces of cranberry chocolate from Jeffrey Cagnes that I’d brought from Paris.

Previously, I’ve enjoyed various other incredible dishes. From mussels to shrimp to delights in between, all of the meals and accompanying wine parings have been outstanding.

The only bad thing?


But, this is one of those places that is worth it, once you find a spot.

The Wife and the Somm

3416 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, California 90065

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