Youngblood, in back of Neighborhood Restaurant, is my favorite speakeasy bespoke cocktail bar in San Diego, California

When Sonni first told me about Youngblood, my first reaction was “a place like that exists – in San Diego?!?!”

Youngblood is just so fucking cool. It’s located in Neighborhood, behind new Noble Experiment. You go in at your appointment time, are served a series of bespoke drinks and good times are had.

Usually, you start with a glass of welcome bubbly. Then, your server follows that up with three custom created cocktails, based on your desired taste profile of the evening. It’s a quick one hour and 30 minutes that goes by in a flash.

The first time I went with Sonni and her friends. I was blown away by the concept, the vibe and how fun it all was.

The second time, Leanne met me there and I had one too many sips of Pappy Van Winkle as an enhancement option to my drinking experience. But damn it, it was worth it.

The third time,  was again – fantastic.

However – I dropped a pair of extremely meaningful to me, sunglasses. Unbeknownst to me, the lens popped out of the frame. By the time I was seated for dinner at Kingfisher, I was shocked to find out that my pair of glasses had only one lens!

Immediately, I called Neighborhood, and spoke to the hostess, who found my missing lens on the floor of Youngblood.

After dinner, I was able to pick it up – and later visit LensCrafters to have my sunglasses put back together – good as new.

For that, Youngblood will always have a soft spot in my heart.

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777 G Street
San Diego, California 92101
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