Sushi by Scratch Restaurants – Cedar Creek

Sushi by Scratch Restaurants in Cedar Creek outside of Austin is everything I love about omakase: decadence, deliciousness - and fun

At certain points on my drive to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort And Spa, I actually thought I’d gotten lost. Now, I am no stranger to the backroads and country roads of Texas. I spent summers with my family growing up in Texas. But once I turned off the main road, the remote road across the rolling landscape of the Hyatt Regency was long, beautiful and filled me with “am I going the right way?” Adding to that, when I arrived at the entrance gate, the gate didn’t work properly.

Never the less, I traveled on – a bit early for my dinner reservation, until I reached the sprawling main house of the Hyatt Regency property. Once I arrived, I realized how fitting and perfect it was that the Austin location of Sushi by Scratch moved from their former location in downtown Austin to their present location.

Once I found my bearings and was directed to the right place to wait, I was served a delicious welcome drink. Now, I am always a fan of a good welcome drink. It was perfect to sip and stroll with, until my dining group was called in to our private dining room and subsequent seats.

This was not my first time at a Scratch restaurant.

I’ve dinned at the Sushi by Scratch Restaurants – Los Angeles location twice – and greatly enjoyed it. The Austin location is set up the same way.

Ushered into the intimate dining room, I love the little details: My name written at my seat setting, the privacy of the experience and the feeling of being truly served are all top notch.

At once, the meal began…






































I don’t remember what this was. So, I shall title it NO IDEA – BUT WAS DELICIOUS.

The UNAGI FRESHWATER EEL  with CARAMELIZED BONE MARROW DRIPPINGS was absolutely orally amazing. The rich umani and full fat flavor was…. beyond expectations. Simply put, it was the most sensual piece of unagi I’d devoured.

For the CAVIAR course, I specified that I would like a substitution. I’m relatively extremely picky about the use of caviar. So, I received a TORO open hand roll instead of caviar based sushi.


As the evening wound down, it was time to revisit some favorites – with a few surprises. Two chef’s choice arrived before me: ESCOLAR WITH CARMELIZED PINEAPPLE, HAMACHI BELLY WITH SALMON SKIN AND THAI CHILI TAJINN, and my favorite once again – the UNGAI FRESHWATER EEL WITH BONE MARROW.


To complete my luxurious time within the hallowed walls of sushi based delights, a dessert of an ICE CREAM BON BON WITH JAPANESE PLUM WINE was served.

Incredible, as expected.

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Sushi by Scratch Restaurants - Cedar Creek

575 Hyatt Lost Pines Road
Cedar Creek, Texas 78612
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