Salt Lick Barbecue

Looking for delicious barbecue around Austin? Salt Lick Barbecue is a top notch choice for Texas' best dinner plate.

The one thing I thought I didn’t want, during my visit to Austin, was barbecue.

I didn’t want to feel pressured to find the trendiest spot, stand in a line a la Franklin Barbecue or get into an argument regarding food preferences with anyone. I’d previously visited Terry Black’s BBQ – but felt that it was one and done.

However – while sitting and enjoying a cocktail at Brazos Bar and Bistro in Waco, I got into a phenomenal conversation with one of the bartenders, Blake. On a whim, I asked him for a suggestion of his favorite barbecue spot in Austin. My only request was that it be off the trendy beaten path. I wanted a journey – not an Uber ride around the city.

He sent a text to a friend of his for the recommendation. A few seconds later, he spoke: “You need to go to Salt Lick.”

So, when I found myself back in Austin at the end of my visit, I checked into the JW Marriott Austin and headed out to Driftwood.

In one word my experience at Salt Lick Barbecue was outstanding.

It was exactly what I desired: a barbecue place about 30 minutes outside of Austin, with personality and a large space to match. Personally, I prefer the location of Salt Lick Barbecue in Driftwood to Terry Black’s Barbecue in Austin. The space was expansive, with a BYOB policy and a winery tap room, Salt Lick Cellars, next door.

It was raining when I pulled in. But, that didn’t deter me one bit. What’s a little rain in comparison to outstanding barbecue?

Settling in, I browsed the menu. But, I already knew what I wanted. I ordered the PULLED PORK & BRISKET (Served with potato salad, cole slaw & beans) with a cup of the SWEET TEA. I also requested the bread, pickles & onions, as they are served, upon request.

When my plate arrived to my table, not only was I surprised with the swiftness of delivery. But, it looked absolutely delicious. And, smelled it – too!

I even asked for and received extra pickles. Which made me extra happy.

True delight is pouring a little bit of the Original Recipe Salt Lick Bar-B-Que Sauce and a little bit of the Lauren’s Spicy Recipe Bar-B-Que Sauce into a plate and swirling smoked meat in it before eating.

It was so delicious and filling, I couldn’t even manage to have a piece of peach cobbler. Which is one of my favorite desserts.

Eating at Salt Lick Barbecue truly reminded me of how much I love Texas. Food is a sign of love, poured into cooking.

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Salt Lick Barbecue

18300 FM 1826
Driftwood, Texas 78619
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