Brazos Bar & Bistro

Brazos Bar & Bistro was a phenomenal cocktail and spirits bar at the Hotel Indigo Waco in Waco, Texas

Checking in at the Hotel Indigo Waco – Baylor, I could choose points or a complimentary cocktail as my loyalty tier perk with IHG. I chose the drink coupon option –  and was so much better for it.

After writing at Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits and dinner at fantastic dinner at Cajun Craft, it was time to head back to the hotel. A bit too awake to sleep, I rationed the it was better to head to the bar for a drink.

After exchanging pleasantries the evening’s bartenders, Blake and Ian, and I had one of the best, most far reaching conversations I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at a hotel bar.

I first selected a can of the Barrow Brewing Company’s TIPSY VICAR STOUT (4.8% ABV). It was an approachable, drinkable stout. Blake described it as like a Guinness – but much, much lighter. Yet again, it offered the rich flavor and chocolate richness that I wanted as a nightcap.

Our conversation was varied and truly invigorating. We talked about everything from artificial intelligence to how much cattle each of them owned to Space X and of course, travel and the current state of Waco. I’ve been visiting Central Texas all of my life. However, it’s one thing to consistently visit family vs  actually take a step back and see the area for how it truly is.

I had no idea how vibrant and bustling in tourism Waco became, post the Magnolia effect.

After finishing my stout, Blake offered me a complimentary taste of something else. Curious, I said the equivalent of “dealer’s choice”. He then got on the shelf and took down a bottle of The Macallan’s RARE CASK, SINGLE MALT SCOTCH – 2023 RELEASE.

This. Was. Absolutely. Magnificent.

It reminded me of sitting at the bar at Dirty Dick’s Pub, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

There’s something special about sipping a whisky and having bright, intelligent conversation about a world of subjects. It’s the very essence of why travel is so important – especially in modern times. With outstanding, high quality liquors and spirits, at that. Blake and Ian told me that they regularly have premium, vintage and reserve wines on their commercial wine dispenser. Which is great for game season – and life in general.

My time at Brazos Bar & Bistro was a pleasure.

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Brazos Bar & Bistro

211 Clay Ave
Waco, Texas 76706
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