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Lunch at Tre Scalini on a very hot day in Rome offered a great pause to the day – while enjoying a light bite and great people watching

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November 12, 2023
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Inspired by a Kay’s suggestion to try lunch at a rather specific place, I took a taxi from the Borghese gallery to Piazza Navona.

When the taxi dropped me off, I was in awe of the square.

It was absolutely visually magnificent.

After walking around and admiring the square, I was in desperate need of a rest and food. So, we decided to walk to Tre Scalini and get a table. It wasn’t the place that Kay suggested. However, I’m a sucker for going where there’s people sitting outside. That means either the hostess is really good for getting people inside. Or, the food is actually good.

Settling in and browsing the menu, I was first extremely amused at the Camicia Gold 24k. But, it was way too hot of a day to even consider the extravagant choice.

Instead, we ordered the PINSA DIAVOLA (Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami) with water.

Lots of water.

A little background on how Tre Scalini describes their version of the pizza they serve.

The Roman “Pinsa” it comes from the Latin “Pinsere”. Which means to squeeze to stretch hence, its oval shape. The dough has been leavened from 48 to 72 hours at controlled temperatures and humidity, which gives it maximum digestibility and fragrance. Tasting is believing!

Truly, it was a delicious pizza. Accompanied by as much water as I could muster drinking on such a hot day.

Tre Scalini

Piazza Navona, 30-35
Rome, Italy 00186


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