Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour with Eating Europe Rome

Taking the Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour by Eating Europe Rome during my first night in Rome was a brilliant idea

The night before I left for Rome, I messaged my friend Terrin about a tour I was mulling over taking. He responded with a Instagram video of a well dressed woman explaining the differences between the quality of gelato in Rome. Immediately, it was not only her fashion choice that caught my eye – but her confidence and the energy I got through watching the video.

One click led to another and I found myself on the Eating Europe: Rome page. Estimating my time and relaxation after the flight, I booked the 6pm tour for the evening I arrived.

One nap and taxi ride later and I was Piazza di San Bartolomeo, saying hello to my tour group and guide, Fabio.

Su Ghetto

Via del Portico d’Ottavia 1C
00186 Rome, Italy

We started at the Holocaust monument of Rome, in the Jewish ghetto. It was humbling to see the date, posted on a building, that the fascist deported people. It was truly strange to stand in the areas that, decades ago, were so riddled with hatred over religion and the desire for racial purity. Especially, in light of current events on Earth. With this background, we ventured deeper into the Jewish ghetto of Rome and learned more about the distinct food and history of the micro culture within Rome.

We ate our first tastes at Su Ghetto, a Roman Jewish restaurant in the ghetto. We had the JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE and MARINATED ZUCCHINI. We clicked classes over CANTINE LEUCI CHARDONNAY from Salento, Puglia in Southern Italy.

Spirito di Vino

Via dei Genovesi
00153 Rome, Italy

Fabio explained to us how Rome is built on layers. It was incredible to be in the Spirit of Wine and physically see the layers of Rome, the ancient passages and be among old wines.

At the table, I had a glass of the SANGIOVESE by Lungarotti from Umbria. Tasting a sample of what has been rumored to be Julius Cesar’s favorite LEAN PORK SHOULDER meal.

La Norcineria (La Norceria di Iacozzilli)

Via Natale del Grande 15/16
00153 Rome, Italy

Here, we greeted the head butcher and enjoyed marinated slices of PORCHETTA (an Italian savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast) which was absolutely spectacular. The pork was served on soft bread that was excellent in soaking up the pork juices.

It was here that I had my first taste of PROSCIUTTO in Rome. Truly, it was love at first bite. To go alongside our light bites, small tastes of Casa Divine Provvidenza’s CACCHIONE white wine.

Pizzeria La Boccaccia

Via di Santa Dorotea, 2
00153 Rome, Italy

Next, Fabio introduced us to ROMAN STYLE PIZZA at Pizzeria La Boccaccia. He first gave us small cups of PERONI BEER, which was refreshing. Then, he brought out delicious samples of MARINARA and POTATO pizza for us to try and compare.

I never thought that I would enjoy eating a square of potato pizza as much as I did. However, my favorite pizza was the marinara. The heartiness of the tomato flavor was outstanding.

Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere

(Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere)
Piazza Santa María in Trastevere
Rome, Italy

We made a brief stop at the Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere, located in the Piazza Santa María. Most interesting to me was how Fabio directly pointed out the process of how Jesus was white washed in European art.

For example, at the front of the altar, you see a painting of the Black Madonna, clearly represented as more Arab and darker skinned. In a series of paintings and arrangements to the right, one can CLEARLY see how the Arab features were distinctly removed – leaving a lily white Jesus at the end.

This was also the first Christian church dedicated to Mary Magedeline. Fabio briefly highlighted the history of Constantine and how Christianity spread throughout the Empire. It was wonderful to be led around such a remarkable

Gusteria al 17

Via Natale del Grande, 17
00153 Rome, Italy

The tour continued to Gusteria al 17, where we sampled that most delicious version of Roman styled arronchini, called SUPPLI. This particular rice ball was filled with peroni cheese.

It was also here that Fabio mentioned that Romans enjoyed horse meat. Who knew?


Rione 13 Ristorante

Via Roma Libera, 19
Trastevere, Rome, Italy

I truly enjoyed our time at Rione 13 Ristorante, our second sit down restaurant of the evening. I savored the small sample of CACCIO E PEPE and AMATRICIANA pasta.

Here, Fabio taught us that when you cook your pasta, you should always slightly undercook it. Why? The more you cook your pasta, the more sugar is created in the cooking process. The pasta should always be served al dente, with a slight push in the chew.

The wine flowed and I truly wish we had more time in the group setting.

Fatamorgana Trastevere

Via Roma Libera, 11
00153 Rome, Italy

We ended the night at the Fatamorgana location in Trastevere. As there are a few locations in Los Angeles, I wasn’t that surprised with the quality of outstanding gelato I enjoyed. In fact, the Studio City location is right next to my regular massage spot .There are also a few other locations of Fatamorgana in the United States.

However, having it Rome was a delight. For our tasting, I had the FRAGOLE & CHAMPAGNE (Fragalo, panna & champagne) and SNOW WHITE (Tahitian vanilla, apple chunks & raspberry
sauce) delicious doesn’t even begin to describe the cacophony of flavors, as the gelato melted in my mouth.


Overall, I was EXTREMELY pleased that I purchased Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour with Eating Europe Rome. It was the perfect introduction to a city that I’d previously visited – but wanted a warm introduction to after so many years apart.

Fabio was warm, energetic and fun as he seamlessly blended jokes, history and facts about food over a solid 4 hour period. Plus, at the end of the tour, he and another couple taught me how to use the taxi stands instead of solely focusing on the Free Now app. They also made sure that I safely got squared away in a cab that used a meter and allowed credit card charges. Which, by law, they have to. Don’t let them lie to you.

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Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour with Eating Europe Rome

Piazza di San Bartolomeo all'Isola 22
Rome, Italy 00186
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