Travel Tips: How to get to Central Rome from Fiumicino Airport

The best way to get to Central Rome from Fiumicino Airport? Take the Leonardo Express.

Arriving in Rome, I remember the main thing that a friend had warned me about was how sketch the taxi drivers could be. But, I figured that, like in New York, there was a possibility of a fixed rate from the airport into the city. Seems logical, right?

Well – being tired and frustrated at Delta regarding my lost bag and just wanting to get to my hotel, I stood in the very clear marked line for taxis outside of the Rome Fiumicino Airport.

When I reached closer to the front, a taxi driver saw me, approached me and started to lead me to his cab.

Now, I am VERY direct when it comes to money. So, after he attempted to make small talk with me about where I was from, etc, I asked him the most important question – how much to my hotel?

“€120 he said,” with a straight face.

When he muttered that, I almost bust up laughing.

I stopped immediately and said nope, I’m good. I was already fucked once with my bag not getting on my same flight. I wasn’t about to get fucked by a taxi driver.

Hard pass. Catch another sucker.

How did I know that was a full of shit price? Because 1) I’d already researched the price of Welcome Pickups from Fiumicino to the Hoxton Rome. €77 was the max it should be. 2) Kay, while relating her previous trip to Italy, told me that taxi drivers can be full of shit and to doubt what they say.

Also, there was absolutely no damn way I was paying €120 to go 21 miles.

So, after taking a breather and grounding my energy, I accessed my options. I suddenly got the intuition to follow a group of people that were walking toward the train station for the Leonardo Express.

Paying was straightforward. So was walking to the train station and figuring out what to do. I took a quick survey of my surroundings and got on the right platform for the right train.

That cost? €14.

Once I arrived to Roma Termini, I followed the signs directly to the taxi stand. I confirmed my address with the driver, got in and was wisked away to the Hoxton.

The combined price for the train ride and taxi to the hotel?

So, my advice? The best way to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome is to take the Leonardo Express. It’s very easy to get the hang of and preps you for taking the train to other areas in Italy.

Once in Rome, download the Taxi App to Prepay for Your Rides

Also, once you’re in Rome and want to request a taxi, download the FREENOW app. This is the Uber Taxi app, basically. No surprises and you prepay your ride before you step into the car.

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