Vespa Tour of Rome: The Grand Tour with Bici & Baci Tours

Taking a Vespa tour of Rome, Italy with Bici & Baci Tours was the best way to see Rome in a refreshing new light

On top of my “must do” list for Rome was to take a spin on the back of a Vespa. It felt iconic, inspiring and overall – fun as hell.

So, I booked the Vespa Tour of Rome: The Grand Tour with Bici Baci Tours.


We started on a hill overlooking to Colosseum. Our guides explained the actual, non movie inspired history of the Colosseum. He also described the events that used to take place – different than what Americans are taught as lore.

The Aventine Keyhole of Rome

The keyhole of Rome is absolutely wild to see in person. You literally see through the keyhole and into three countries  – Malta, Italy and Vatican City. Read more at Atlas Obscura: The Aventine Keyhole.

Parco Sacello

Parco Sacello was a lovely break in the bustle of Rome. It’s a beautiful neighborhood of churches and a garden. The views that you see across Rome are priceless.

Via Garibaldi Fountain

Honestly, I think the Via Garibaldi fountain is more beautiful than the Trevi Fountain. And – it sure is less congested.

It’s high in the hills, overlooking Rome. And simply put – is gorgeous.

St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican

From the Via Garibaldi fountain, we made our way to the Vatican. Standing in the round, I couldn’t help but to start tearing up. I was so grateful for my ancestors and for me having the vision to come back to Rome. It was a powerful moment, full of energy, grace and gratitude.

Trevi Fountain

When you get to the Trevi Fountain, you may be surprised by how small it is. And, how many people just sit at the edge of the fountain, doing nothing, just to be in other people’s shots.

All were absolutely amazing to see on the back of a Vespa, speeding through traffic. It was a morning of memories that I’ll cherish.

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Rome, Italy
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