Cinematic Photoshoot in Rome from Airbnb Experiences

Booking the Cinematic Photoshoot in Rome on Airbnb Experiences made my dream of having a lovely professional quality photo shoot in Italy come true

When I booked my photo shoot in Greece, I was overwhelmed with self love and the power and magic of capturing the spirit of of a place through having a photoshoot.

So, when in Rome – I asked myself why not do the same thing?

My session with Samir was truly a delight. His direction allowed me to get used to the session itself, posing on such a hot day and exploring Rome through his visual eye.

We began the session at the Roman Forum and meandered through the streets of Rome. I’d purchased a specific dress, from Anthropologie, for the shoot.

However, what I did not expect was travel bloat. I hadn’t eaten that much, all day. But, I felt very large. Also, I should have also worn an additional corseting undergarment. And, brought a bag that I could switch out my shoes for. I was practical instead of fashionable for walking the Roman streets.

But, what will be, will be.

Sometimes, you just have to love yourself exactly the way a camera shows you, in the moment. Also, perfection is a lie.

We ended at the Coliseum – which was simply pure magic to see again. During a previous visit in high school, I’d visited the coliseum and toured inside. I was surrounded by ancient stonework and heard the stories of the history.

Now, I was marking my visit with a photography session.


After the session, I picked 10 images that I wanted touched up.

Within a few days, I had them back – with a few additional surprise edits.

I would highly recommend.

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Cinematic Photoshoot in Rome from Airbnb Experiences

Rome, Italy
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