My dinner at Smyth was an incredible experience of relaxed culinary refinement through cuisine and service in Chicago, Illinois

Nestled within Chicago’s vibrant West Loop neighborhood, Smyth has emerged as a culinary gem, weaving a narrative of culinary innovation and artistry that captivates the senses and redefines the dining experience. Founded by husband-and-wife duo John and Karen Shields, Smyth embodies their shared passion for culinary excellence and creative expression.

For my one night in Chicago, a friend of mine from college and I enjoyed each other’s company while conversing over dinner at Smyth’s incredible Michelin star cuisine.

The barbecued unagi with cloudberry and onion brought a tear to my eye. I could have died a complete human being after the smoked short rib, Shiso pepper and plum dish. Dare I mention the tomato ceviche with bergamot?

It was – simply put –  spectacular.

The evening included:

Tisane of Tomatoes



Tomato Ceviche with Essence of Bergamot

Squash with Truffle


Along with wine, of course…

Barbecued Unagi with Cloudberry and Onion

Filet of Smoked Short Rib, Shiso Pepper and Plum + Tomato with Cheese Sauce + Bread Course

Dessert Course, including Chocolate Bark, Kombu (Seaweed) Ice Cream, Fermented Grapes and Peach Tart

Dinner service was absolutely incredible.  I got into a conversation with one of the waiters, who raved about dinner at The Willows Inn on Lummi Island. Similar to my dinner at The Restaurant at Meadowood and SingleThread, everything was a vibe that I loved.

And of course, I took an outfit memory moment in the bathroom…

Dinner at Smyth was a celebration of self love through food.

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177 North Ada Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
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