Ollo Malibu

Ollo Restaurant is a wonderful reason to head to the the Pacific Coast for a scrumptious breakfast in Malibu, California

Sometimes, if you know the person you’re eating with is going to be a self serving individual who doesn’t give a shit about anyone else beyond themselves, it’s best to choose a beautiful location, a bit out of the way to meet.


So you can have something pretty to look at to stop you from rolling your eyes during dining. Also, you can play music extremely loudly on the way home.

It’s humorous to think about. But, that’s exactly why I chose dining at Ollo in Malibu. I’d visited once before and enjoyed the food. Plus, I knew that it would make the conversation bearable enough.

I ordered the FRIED CHICKEN & WAFFLE (Maple whip, hot sauce, butter) and a  FRUIT BOWL with some coffee.

The food was fine and made the situation decent. But, I will say that I think the best chicken and waffles are at & Waffles and AOC Brentwood.

The best gift that Ollo gave me was the ability to focus on my beautiful surroundings and vibe vs actively listen to the individual that was talking across from me.

Honestly, I think my biggest downside is having faith in people. Specifically, that people will change and end up putting into the friendship the same level of care that I do. Unfortunately, he ended up staying the same until I ended the friendship a few years later.

But, at least the food at Ollo was good.

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23750 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, California 90265
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