AOC Brentwood

I've wanted to visit AOC for years. Finally, with Los Angeles' DineLA upon us, Johann and I made a reservation for weekend brunch.

AOC has been on my list of “to try” places, for years. It’s one of those Los Angeles places that everyone knows about. But, when it comes to actually dining there, I just never got around to it. That is, until Johann suggested that we try their weekend brunch during Dine LA. Honestly, “Finally!” was the first word that came to mind.

So, on a lightly cloudy Sunday, Johan and I met at AOC in Brentwood for brunch.

Now, the key to working the DineLA menu to your best advantage is to compare the set list price to the full priced menu. As I waited for Johann to arrive, I studied the full price prices against what was available for the prix fix. It was actually a challenge to find a combo of starter and main that actually added up to $35, full price. But, I did my best.

Once Johann arrived, we ordered.

Because I was in dire need of a coffee and preferred it in a brunch worthy martini, I ordered the DEATH TO THE ESPRESSO MARTINI (aged dark rum, silver rum, espresso & spiced coffee).

When my coffee cocktail arrived, the addition of the fragrant star anise was an absolute revelation. Not only did my mouth enjoy the smooth rum and coffee combo. But, the olfactory scent of the dried spice offered a sensory layer that elevated the drink. Every sip was multifaceted.

For my two item brunch combo, I ordered the BACON WRAPPED DATES (stuffed with parmesan) and the SPANISH FRIED CHICKEN & CORNMEAL WAFFLE (jamón serrano, chile-cumin butter & maple syrup).

The bacon wrapped dates disappeared in my mouth within mere seconds. They were delicious – not too fried and definitely not greasy.

But, the star of the show?

The pièce de résistance of the meal?

The jaw dropping show stopper?

The chicken and waffle.

The waffle was the perfect vessel for the hot and juicy, perfectly seasoned chicken. The sliced Spanish jamon serrano served as a perfect contrast. Even the waffle was distinct. I could taste the cornmeal, folded into the batter.

Just look at it. It is magic. It is brunch giving life.

All together, it made the waffle at AOC one of my top 3 favorite waffles in Los Angeles – right up with & Waffles also being in my top favorites.

But, back to the AOC waffle. The taste was so distinct, so delicious and so filling that I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Not that I even wanted to. I wanted to save it for breakfast for the next day. So, I asked for the reminder of my food to be boxed.

Now, here is where AOC Brentwood really showed care, grace and professionalism. Johann and I got so engrossed in our conversation that when we walked out, I forgot my boxed leftovers on the table. It wasn’t until I was well into Bel Air that I remembered my forgotten delights. I called AOC Brentwood immediate and explained the situation. The hostess checked my table and found the box gone. So, she asked the chef to whip up a new batch for me to pick up (!!!).

I was shocked. I thought such customer service like that was pretty much dead. It was so refreshing to feel cared for as a patron.

When I arrived back at the restaurant, they luckily found my original box. It had been taken to the back after the table had been cleared, just in case. I happily received my boxed leftovers and made my way back home, once again.

I enjoyed them for breakfast the next morning.

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AOC Brentwood

11648 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90049
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