My dinner at David Chang's majordomo was a luscious journey into causal upscale California cuisine in Downtown Los Angeles, California

Johann has been in my life through some really horrible experiences. This night, I had a very strong feeling that my mom was going to die. Ted, in the best way of his friend-but-also-a-doctor mindset, tried to lower my anxiety during a phone call, as I drove to majordomo.

But, this turned into the last meal I had, while my mom was alive on Earth.

I will love and appreciate Ted so much, until the day I die. It goes beyond us becoming friends in middle school. He and his wife went above and beyond in pulling strings to force the powers that be at the hospital he worked at to allow me to see my mom, and tell her that I loved her for the final time.

Because of this I will continue to – for the rest of my life – love and appreciate Johann and Ted, for this dinner.

We began with ½ DOZEN OYSTERS (kimchi, kombu mignonette).

I smiled through emotional upheaval and pain of the unknown and ordered the BOULEVARDIER (Suntory toki whisky, banana, miso, Italian vermouth, Campari).

It was delicious and helped me ease into talking with Johann about frivolous things for a bit.

Next up was the BING BOARD (Cultured Butter & Honey, Chickpea Hozon, Spicy Lamb, Benton’s Reserve Country Ham).

This was authentically absolutely delicious.

Next up was the FRIED CAULIFLOWER (red onion, fish sauce vinaigrette), which went brilliantly with the SMOKED PRIME RIB (miso creamed spinach, au jus, horseradish).

For an hour or two, dinner with Johann allowed me to get out of my head and focus on bits of happiness. I smiled, laughed and cried. It was – the peace that I needed.

Three years later, writing about April 1st, 2021 still brings tears to my eyes.

This is why food and conversations with authentic friends is so important.

Being vulnerable, open and able to hold space in conversations is so important.

Feeling held by your community is so fucking important.

Because, you never know when someone’s last day on Earth will be.

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