Cocktail Magique at Company XIV

Cocktail Magique at Company XIV was a unique burlesque experience, offering fun teases and treats, in Brooklyn, New York

My usual New York visit to Duane Park needed a change up. I’d loved my two visits – but I wanted to explore another burlesque scene. So, I asked Margaret for a suggestion. Immediately, she suggested Company XIV. Soon after, my ticket was purchased and I was excited to attend Cocktail Magique.

When I showed my ID and was led through the open door at Company XIV’s location for Cocktail Magique, I felt like I was on a new adventure in uncharted territory.

Upon entering the main stage area, I noticed how intimate and intense the setting was. It was a distinct sense of unique space that made you want to explore it through curiosity.

When I arrived, my preordered drink, the CLEOPATRA’S PEARL, was ready at the table. Upon first sip, I loved it. Now, I also had to remind myself that the cocktail was $53.39.

Did I enjoy that it was served with a Moet Chandon float? Absolutely. But, was the drink worth $53? I will say it was delicious. So, yes.

Now, the show Cocktail Magique itself was distinct, different and a variety of acts. There were light bites that were passed around during the show. However, you will need to eat beforehand. Plus, the love seats that paid more received more food and treats than the seated bar. Personally, I found this a bit annoying. I will say that at  Duane Park, all parties receive the same treatment regarding food courses and drink offerings.

Overall, I have mixed feelings. For a ticket that was north of $200, it was not the quality experience I was expected.

Why? Drunk people in the audience.

Now, there is a line between playful fun drinking. Unfortunately, at the table next to me, a woman made a scene and tried to start a fight with a seat mate during the show. She wasn’t asked to leave until the final half of the show.

During another incident, an audience member reached her hand out and attempted to touch a performer private area,  in a thong. I was shocked – it was absolutely bizarre. It felt like a show within a show  that no one asked for – but, there it was.

During the show, the Master of Ceremonies tried to curtail the noise and drunks by repeatedly stating  “Hey! Hey! Hey! You’ll miss it!”

But, did the drunks listen?

Nope. Not at all.

Toward the end of the third act, a few members of the audience that were exceptionally unruly were asked to leave the performance. I appreciate that. However, it was too late.

Now, I will say that some of the acts of Cocktail Magique were exceptional and truly enjoyable. And I do appreciate the experience overall. However, drunks that affect the overall enjoyment of a high ticket experience should be ushered out, accordingly and immediately.

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Company XIV

17 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11237
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