Bathhouse Williamsburg

Spending a few hours at Bathhouse Williamsburg was a beautiful time of self reflection, reset and relaxation, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York

When Jessica suggested that we book spa time at Bathouse in Williamsburg, I had not idea what to expect. I loved that it was within walking distance to The Hoxton Williamsburg and I was curious about the experience of a New York styled day spa.

When I stepped through the door of The Bathhouse, I was transformed into a different world.

After checking in, I changed in the women’s locker room and made my way to the main bathhouse.

Now, one thing you should know is that the Bathouse itself is really streamlined. After descending the stairs to the main area, I was exceptionally pleased by the layout.

There are three pools: a hot tub, a cold plunge pool and a 92 degree pool. The invigorating hotter than not dry sauna was delicious. While the wet sauna had a ceiling that looked like stars. It also had a cold shower within the room as well. So, if you felt too hot, you could take a cold shower and continue your session.

The other sauna was nice. But, I tended to cycle between the hot sauna, the steam room and the 92 temp pool. Plus, simply relaxing at a table and quietly conversing with Jessica was perfection.

At 11am, the Aufguss started in the main steam room. This consisted of 13 minutes of hot steam, as the leader of the event placed eucalyptus essential oil enhanced snowballs of ice on a stone heater. Loud music, targeted  focus on the simple act of breathing in and out and being present in the moment made the Arfguss a transformative experience.

Also, another thing I feel that I should inform the public about – everyone is attractive. The men are just recklessly, confusingly hot. The women are confident in their bodies.

All ages. All sizes.

There’s an energy that runs in this place that brings out the hotness in people.

It’s indescribable – but it’s real.

I appreciated it.

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Bathhouse Williamsburg

103 North 10th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11249
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