Ornithology Jazz Club

Enjoying drinks and jazz at Ornithology Jazz Club was a lovely nightcap to an lovely evening in Brooklyn, New York

After seeing The Lion King on Broadway and saying goodbye to Jessica, I knew I didn’t want the night to end just yet.  I wanted to go to a jazz club. I missed the opportunity to go to The Jazz Club, the night before, and seeing one of my favorite burlesque performers live. However, on a Sunday night, you do what you can with what you can. And, on that particular night, my choice was the go to the Ornithology Jazz Club in Brooklyn.

To start the late night off, I ordered the NATURE BOY (There was a bean, a very strange coffee bean, we spoke of sambuca, rum, rosemary & lemon peels). I mean, come on, the drink descriptions alone are a libation connoisseurs dream.

The jazz flowed and I felt a part of the vibe.

Later in the evening, I ordered the SPACE IS THE PLACE (Deep in the cosmos of chamomile & foam, lemon, lavender & vanilla find self-awareness)

The vibe of the venue was much younger than I imagined it would be. I wasn’t the oldest person there. But, it was refreshing to see jazz appreciated by varying generations.

However, it’s when I found myself in a conversation with a musician about his cocaine habit and his self doubt when performing live – that I realized it was time of time to head on out.

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Orinthology Jazz Club

6 Suydam Street
Brooklyn, New York 11221
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