“Spike Lee: Creative Sources” Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum

Viewing the "Spike Lee: Creative Sources Retrospective" at the Brooklyn Museum was truly water on my creative artistic soul

The moment I stepped into the Brooklyn Museum, I felt the presence of Art.

Now, I wanted this – need this watering of my soul. As I was planning my first solo exhibit at the Topa Topa Brewery taproom, I felt a bit burnt out at my cultivation and preparation of the images. I had no idea it would be such an emotional journey into the depths of my creative being.

I remember the first time I heard of Do the Right Thing. I think my mom had rented the video when I was younger and wouldn’t let me watch it. That was my first introduction to Spike Lee. Over the years, I watched Malcom X and followed his work from a distance.

So, when the Brooklyn Museum presented the Spike Lee retrospective, I was intensely curious.

My first glimpses were profound.

One of the most meaningful interpretations of one of Lee’s quotes was that artists comment on the world. And, how artists led the way to the truth of the world. Of the now, present reality.

The vibrant walls were visual perfection. The whole presentation of the work, his collection and legacy was incredible. I felt creatively fed – visually motivated. Everywhere I turned, I saw a vision – lit fires of inspiration and respect. I saw how fearlessly Lee had lived his life.

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Spike Lee: Creative Sources Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11238
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