Duane Park

Duane Park is home to the best dinner + visually decadent burlesque show I've experienced in New York.

An experience at Duane Park is like nothing else. So, when I made plans to go to New York and Paris in December, I knew I wanted to plan it around dinner and a show at Duane Park. On a previous trip, I’d love the scene, ambiance and decadence of the venue. It was an experience I wanted to see in Los Angeles – but could only be a reality in New York or Paris on a regular basis.

When I made my year’s end reservation at Duane Park for a recent trip to New York, I immediately knew who I wanted to experience the show with.

I’d first met Zoe at Joe Kara’s yoga retreat in Puerto Vallarta in April. As it was during a very personally challenging week and I greatly appreciated her enthusiasm, unique perspective on life. Especially, women’s rights and autonomy over their bodies. Over the months, I’d gotten to know her on Instagram and appreciated her aesthetics and joie de vivre.  So, imagine my delight when my trip to New York coexisted with her upcoming birthday. It was my pleasure to delight in her company, once again, in celebration of her birth.

The Night’s Menu

DUANE PARK’S SHRIMP COCKTAIL (house made cocktail sauce + micro celery)
GRILLED PORK TENDERLOIN (crunchy pickle salad + roasted yukon potatoes; creole mustard emulsion)
A SELECTION OF DESSERTS (Selection of House Made Petit Fours)


CHI CHI (hennessy, passion fruit, + mint)
GUSTAV TEMPLE (bourbon, pear liqueur, allspice dram + punt e mes)
GOLDEN HOUR (anejo tequila, cranberry, italicus bergamot + orange bitters)

Instagram of my favorite performers

Gigi Holiday (Instagram)

Eva Mystic (Instagram)

Esme Burlesque (Instagram)

As the show ended and we began to walk the streets in the Bowery, it began to snow. The night was everything I wanted it to be.

That’s the magic of New York. Just when you think a night can’t get any more full of magic and love – it just does.

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Duane Park

308 Bowery
New York, New York 10012
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