Sushi Suite 1001 at Hotel 3232

A unique 17 course omakase sushi experience, in a hotel suite at Hotel 32.

Picture this: Only four seats at a Chef’s counter. Omakase service, right in front of your eyes. Service is a prompt 60 mins, so not a moment or minute is wasted. The food thirst trapping I did during dinner was exceptional. This location of the sushi chain Sushi by Bou was such a unique and interesting experience (my favorite combo).

I will say this: upon arrival, it may be confusing to find which hotel it actually is in. Hotel 3232 looks like this:

Once you enter, go to the front desk and alert them that you are there for your reservation at Sushi Suite 1001. You will receive a key. Take the key and via the elevator, go the 10th floor. The entrance to the suite is right front of you.

And yes, it’s literally a converted hotel suite. I arrived a bit early to enjoy my time at the bar. While sipping first on the WAGYU OLD FASHIONED (wagyu fat-wash Japanese whiskey, simple syrup, Japanese bitters, rosemary smoke) the cocktail de la nuit, I savored the ambiance and uniqueness of the experience. My original idea that morning was to book dinner at a place that was uniquely New York. My creativity in finding a place like Sushi Suite 1001 did not disappoint.

Once myself and the other party of three were called to the four chairs, service promptly began. Our chef, Takeshi Sato, was a delight. His hands crafted pieces of rice, fish and seaweed that simply melted in my mouth. Plus, in passing conversation between courses, Chef Takeshi mentioned that not only was he a sushi chef – but he also was a boxer! Check him out here, at


Threadfin Bream
Rock shrimp with caviar *Favorite*
A5 waygu with truffle salt and shaved black truffle
Sea eel and rice
Toro hand roll
Japanese sea bream
Golden eye snapper
Bluefin tuna from Spain
Striped jack
Scallop with charcoal salt
Onodra? (Sadly, I misheard him)
Sea urchin from Santa Barbara
Tasmanian ocean trout
Threadfin Bream – again
Bluefin tuna from Spain


As the dinner came to an end, I splurged and said yes to the final mega roll, filled with caviar, scallop, wagyu, tuna and more.

Was it wild? Yes.

Have I ever had all of that at once? Nope.

Would I order it again? Not necessarily.

But wow, what an experience to stuff my face with such a massive load.

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Sushi Suite 1001 at Hotel 3232 (Sushi by Bou)

32 E 32nd St - Suite 1001
New York, New York 10016
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