Great Jones Distillery

Having a bit of time before my flight, a stop at Great Jones Distillery for a quick flight of whiskey fit perfectly into my schedule

As we finished up lunch at ABC Kitchen, Jason mentioned that he’d wanted to try Great Jones Distillery, as it’s the only whiskey distillery in Manhattan. 

He teased that I might not have enough time to visit it – due to my flight later in the evening. However, through Uber, all things are possible. 

So, after a quick ride down the street (as I wasn’t about to waste time walking), we were at Great Jones Distillery. 

Now, Great Jones Distillery is absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of what I loved about my tour of The Sazerac House in New Orleans few years ago. I loved the vast expanse of the space and how beautiful it was. The restaurant was on the first floor. A private speakeasy in the basement. However, what we came for – the cocktail lounge – was on the second floor. 

Settling at the bar, I ordered the THREE SPIRIT TASTING (Great Jones Straight Bourbon, Four Grain Bourbon, and Rye Whiskey) 

Of the three of them, I would say that the one I liked the most was the Four Grain Bourbon. Then, after that the Great Jones Straight Bourbon. With the Rye being the last. 

Fun times – and I still made my flight to London on time.

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Great Jones Distillery

686 Broadway
New York, New York 10012
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