K’Far Brooklyn, Bar & Cafe
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K’Far Brooklyn, Bar & Cafe

K’Far Brooklyn is pretty. But is it worth it? Depends on how hungry you are.

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December 12, 2022
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I will say this – K’Far Brooklyn is a visually beautiful space for lunch. It’s aesthetically pleasing, if a little lacking in certain aspects.

I was thankfully able to be squeezed in for lunch, in a 45 mins time slot, as there was a large party that took up the majority of restaurant space. I was gratefully appreciative of the host to make it happen (as a dining party after me was turned away) as I was starving. She gave me great recommendations on what to focus on the weekend menu, which I dutifully followed: The ALMOND & CHALLAH DANISH and the PATTY MELT on yemenite toast with French fries. For an accompaning beverage, I order the PINK-ISH LEMONADE.

The patty melt arrived with a swiftness that I did not expect. I was halfway done with the meal when I waved down the waiter and asked him to remove the danish from my order, as it never arrived. The lemonade was – lemonade. Was it worth $12 for a boozeless refreshment? I found it underwhelming but maybe I was too hungry to appreciate its delicacies. The patty melt was – something to eat and satisfy hunger. I needed to add salt to really bring out the flavor.

Later, before heading out to the Brooklyn Museum, I stopped by the K’Far cafe for a much needed pick me up. There, I ordered the YEMENITE LATTE and the ALMOND & CHALLAH DANISH.

K’Far Brooklyn at The Hoxton Williamsburg

97 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11249

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