Kengai is a delicious teppanyaki restaurant at the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya

After wandering around the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya and reviewing menus, I decided I wanted to go to Kengai. It was a teppanyaki restaurant that looked delicious and fun. However, whereas I could find the sushi restaurant and the sports bar, I could not seem to find the entrance to Kengai. After wandering for a bit, I asked a staff member, who then led me down a lovely, lightly lit path down to a restaurant that I simply would not have found on my own. It was beautiful.

Getting a table, I realized I didn’t feel nervous or a sense of longing for a dining partner. I saw that I was the only table of one. But, it didn’t feel – as a detriment to my experience. Plus, there was a loud large party, whose energy was massive. So, it was like I was a part of the party – but on the other side of the room.

In reviewing the menu with my server, I realized that it was better to order the full teppanyaki table experience vs ordering a la carte. So, I was moved from my table of one to the teppanyaki counter. With Mosco as my private chef for the night, I was better for choosing the teppanyaki experience.

What I truly enjoyed about my dining experience at Kengai, wasn’t necessarily only the food. The food was delicious. But, more than that, it was my conversation with Mosco.

Over the course of my dinner, I would ask him questions in English to the Google Translate app on my phone. It would then translated it to Spanish and I would pass the phone to Mosco. In broken but understandable English, he would answer my questions.


I learned that he started cooking Japanese food while in Mexico City. He’s never been to Japan – but has opened various restaurants in the United States. As he made me his house specialty spicy sauce (which went great with the rice) I relished the way he plated my dishes with such ease and grace.

Teppanyaki Table (8 Courses)

Hanoi Roll, Mita Sauce
Mushroom Enoki Tempura, Tentsuyu
Crispy Shari Rice, Wakame, Salmon Spicy, Masago Habanero
Tom Yum Soup
Vegetarian Yakimeshi
Campeche Shrimp, Shimeji Mushroom, Asparagus, Garlic, Ginger, Soy Sauce
Rib Eye Wagyu, Crispy Garlic Flakes, Organic Vegetables
Shichimi Togarashi Mango Sticky Rice

To go with my meal, I ordered a bottle of Sparkling Stars Kisakura. As I don’t usually partake in sparkling sake, it was a delight. Light and refreshing. Overall, my meal was outstanding. Highly recommend.

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Kengai at the Conrad Tulum Rivera Maya

Carretera Cancun Tulum 307
Tulkal Chemuyil, Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico, 77774
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