Taquería Honorio

Taquería Honorio

Taquería Honorio offers the best tacos in Tulum, period.

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November 13, 2022
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For days and days, even before the Ayahuasca experience, I salivated over finding delicious, local tacos in Tulum. In our taxi ride to Tulum, I was adamant in getting our taxi driver to recommend solid places in Tulum to eat tacos.

Our driver, Jonathon, first suggested Burrito Amor.

However, I wanted tacos. I craved tacos. I woke up during the week, dreaming of tacos. Only tacos would do. When he mentioned Taquería Honorio, and I saw the amount of 5 star reviews it had online, I was sold.

Once we were dropped off, I knew this was the right spot. The aroma of the cooked meats and vegetables made us salivate.

Shockingly, the line was not overbearingly long. Based on my estimate, we waited about 20 – 30 mins. Once my name was called and we sat at our table, I was more than ready to devour anything set in front of me.

Wow. The tacos – wow. I had the COCHINITA PIBIL (Pulled pork meat marinated in achiote sauce and spices) and ARRACHERA (skirt steak). Absolutely outstanding and well worth the stop. From the GUACAMOLE to the FRESH PINEAPPLE JUICE, we slurped, savored and dined luxuriously.

As we clicked MEXICAN COCA-COLA BOTTLES, the sensuality of the moment was not lost on me. This was life – pure, luscious, delicious life. The vibrancy of the location, the pleasure of the tacos, the sharing of this moment with a friend I’ve known since high school – I truly wished I could stretch that moment for life.

Highly, highly, highly recommend Taquería Honorio.

Travel Tips:


  1. Chances are, when you visit there will be a short line. Put your name down and just wait. It’s worth it.
  2. Don’t speak Spanish? Don’t fear. They have menus in English and Spanish.
  3. Even though there is a sign that says “cash only”, they DO take cards as payment.

Taquería Honorio

Satélite Sur 19, Tulum Centro
Villas Huracanes, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
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