Paledora Eco Resort Campus

Combining a lush jungle atmosphere with pleasant accommodations, Paledora Eco Resort was a distinct setting for our Ayahuasca journey.

The drive from the Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera  property was merely 15 minutes.  Once I arrived, the difference was night and day.


The Eco Resort’s location is more inland, in the jungle, outside the main town of Ciudad Chemyuil. The landscape is beautiful, with vibrant monstera and tropical jungle plants at every turn. Overall, it was well suited for anchoring us in our internal journeys.

It’s also overall a pretty decent size. I would say it’s large enough to walk around and not feel trapped – until about the 3rd or 4th day.


Our stay was fully catered with delicious food and local cuisine, based on our shaman’s detailed instructions. Truthfully, every meal was delicious, beautifully prepared and mindfully thought of. You could feel the energy of the land in each dish.


With this trip, I fully realized that I’m not an eco-resort type person. I’m simply not. I can camp in the wilderness and be one with nature. I can stay at an overwater villa in the Indian Ocean and sleep well. But, I can only stay in an eco style resort a VERY limited time before I reach a personal stop point.

For me, it was a combination of the towel rationing (one bath towel, one body towel, one hand towel and one beach / play towel) and the bed being too hard for my body to relax. Oh, and the bugs.

I truly do think it’s the bugs. Once I see ants – especially a trail of ants that come in my room at night and leave before sunrise, I cannot go to sleep until the sun comes up. I don’t know if subconsciously I feel like the bugs are going to crawl on me. Or, if I feel that I need to swat away mosquitos and other no see ems before they bite me. But, psychologically, it’s a no go. Every night, I watched bugs live their best night lives, crawling up the walls. They gave me a show.

On the second to last night, some retreat attendees said that ants climbed the ceiling and were dropping on them. That was all I needed to keep the lights on and start watching Netflix and HBO Max movies and shows, to stay awake.

So – bring bug spray. Or, act like you’re one with all things nature and don’t. Communicate with the bugs and mentally ask them to not bite you, if that’s how you roll. Personally, I’m just not that spiritually advanced yet. Bugs inside where I’m sleeping still make me uncomfortable.

In conclusion, I will say that this is a peaceful, luscious location and setting that is close to downtown Tulum and a gorgeous beach. It was absolutely perfect for the vision of the retreat and the overall energy of the intention. True transformationI loved the fact that I was seeing a local side of the Tulum area that I’d never experienced before. But with that in mind, just be mentally prepared for jungle bugs.

Travel Tips:

  1. The toilets are on a septic system. Nope. To be direct, this means that when you go to the bathroom, you must dispose of your used tissues and feminine products in the wastebasket. All of them. Yes, including those.
  2. Bring bug spray.
  3. Getting a taxi ride to downtown Tulum or Cancun is relatively easy. Just speak to the staff and they can order one for you.
  4. There are two Paledora locations. This is the “co-working / campus” space: a large palapa with desks for working, and various configurations of overnight accommodations.
  5. There are bikes available to borrow to get to Ciudad Chemyuil. Or, it’s a short walk. However, be mindful of the cars.

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Paledora Eco Resort

Predio el Venado
Ciudad Chemuyil, Quintana Roo, Mexico Mexico


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