Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera

Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera is a gorgeous, ocean facing hotel that offers modern architecture with views that merge the sky with the ocean.

I arrived at the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya under a luminous full moon. It was a sign of the transformation to come, in the Women’s Healing Retreat I was participating in, the next day. But, for my one night stay to adjust to the time change and energy of the land, I’m exceptionally happy I chose the Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera.

Once check in was complete and with my welcome drink in hand, I was whisked off to Casa 4, via cart.

Getting to my room, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The space was beautiful. With a separate water closet and bathroom, expansive bathroom vanity space and a separator between the main bedroom and the bathroom area. Plus, the balcony had a small soaking tub, which overlooked the expansive jungle landscape. Most importantly? The full moon illuminated the Gulf of Mexico in such a bright and brilliant way. It was a MOMENT and an experience.

After a late dinner at Kengai, the outdoor soaking tub was exactly what I needed to float the rest of my cares away. As I sat and stared at the horizon, making the water as hot as possible, I started to relax and recover from such a long day of flight and the ride from the airport. The full moon illuminated the trees and the ocean. In the distance, I heard various full moon parties beyond the Conrad. It was a night of merry making and celebration of the rhythms of life.


Plus, it was kind of incredible to take stock of where I was and why I was there. I was in Cancun – for another year in a row – to participate in a women’s healing retreat with ayahuasca. This was the culmination of years of desire. I felt called to ayahuasca. Since the Montenegro retreat, I’d sacrificed all that was no longer serving me for my highest good to be present in the now. What was going to happen? How was my body going to react? The Conrad Tulum was my place of rest before the final chapter in my journey of working with plant medicine began.

In the morning, I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Arbolea before walking around and exploring. In my contemplation and discovery, I became aware of certain aspects about Conrads. After visiting various Conrad (Maldives, Tulum, etc) – they excel at the concept of isolated luxury.

You’re surrounded by people – but you can have your own sense of privacy. For me, this is great, for a very limited amount of days. In my travels, I figured out that I like to DO things, instead of ….. gasp…. relax by a pool all day. It’s not that I can’t relax. I simply have a different version of it that brings me joy. I crave adventure and movement more than laying by a pool for hours. On this property, I could eat, lounge by one of the gorgeous pools, kayak for an hour and walk around. Again, it’s beautiful. But, isolating.

In another instance, I spoke with Fernanda, the extremely helpful concierge I’d been in pre-travel contact with, about a horse alebrijes, positioned on the concierge desk.

Unfortunately, I was told that the Conrad didn’t have a gift shop with them available. But, I could purchase a day pass, half day pass or evening pass to the neighboring all inclusive Hilton and check out the gift shop there. It was annoying, but not a pleasure ending.

Fernanda also taught me about different details about the property, the Mayan Legend of the Alux and where to find the property’s goblin house.

Honestly, I enjoyed my walk about the property. The beach access are beautiful, the pools are well designed and the overall atheistic of this Conrad are outstanding. I appreciated the design of the room and the fact that the bed allowed me to have the best sleep I could ever have to prepare me for what was to come. The view from my shower was a sensual delight.

But, if you ask me if I’d return for another stay? That would be a very strong maybe.

I’d prefer to return to the all inclusive Hotel Xcaret Mexico, which offers access to all of the brand’s theme parks. But, for my personal goals of refined relaxation before the Women’s Retreat, the Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera was perfect.

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Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera

Carr. Cancún – Tulum 307, Tulkal
77774 Chemuyil, Q.R., Mexico
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