Hotel Villa Caletas

My private courtyard at Casita 22 at Hotel Villa Caletas overlooked the rainforest and the ocean. It was paradise.

Hotel Villa Caletas is a beautiful gift of a hotel, high in the mountain range above Jaco, in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica.

Coming from a week in the jungle for the Ayahuasca retreat in Tulum, being in the rainforest was a blessed transition. The weather was cooler and the humidity was more manageable.

I stayed in Casita 22. All I can say is wow. The view from my casita was absolutely incredible. Waking up to the sunrise peaking through the floor to ceiling windows was absolutely astounding. I had a private courtyard, a jacuzzi and felt completely connected to nature. The birds, the animals, the aesthetics of the environment – all worked together for one of my most relaxing stays.

What I enjoyed the most about this property is how close Casita 22 was to the restaurant and the main reception building. It was perfectly placed, with lush, gorgeous flora and fauna flanking my path.

When I wanted to book ATV experience with Vista Los Suenos Adventure Park, it was extremely easy to do via that concierge. Staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful when I had questions.

When I woke up on the day of my departure, my heart was full. As the sun illuminated the sky in Costa Rica, I looked at the expanse of the Pacific Ocean from my bed.

Everything – and I do mean everything – that I’d wanted to do – I’d done. Including multiple dance parties in my casita.

As I said goodbye to the ocean views of Casita 22 and made my way up to reception, I made sure to stop, catch my breath and look around. And with each step, I felt connected to my body and what I was experiencing in the moment. I had no one to impress. If I wanted to take short steps and breathe, I had that right. For too long, I tried to alter my body’s natural processes to impress or conform to someone else. To keep up, instead of allowing her to be herself. I found pleasure in even breathing.

Why? Because, I am ALIVE.

And being alive is a wonderful gift of existence.

Travel Tips:


  1. This hotel is on a septic system. I made the mistake of assuming that it was an established sewer system. Nope. To be direct, this means that when you go to the bathroom, you must dispose of your used tissues in the wastebasket.

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Hotel Villa Caletas

Puntarenas Province
Jaco, Costa Rica


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