Zinque at Century City

Zinque is the perfect place for a delicious, quickly served, pre movie meal at the AMC Century City.

It’s taken a few years for me to return to a place of wanting to share and express my opinions about the world around me. I’ve traveled, I’ve thought about what this blog means to me – from when I first started it to now. I deleted all of the dead weight of past posts and really sat in the now. In that, I realized that I don’t want to write to become someone – an idea of what a food or lifestyle or travel blogger is. I simply want to write to share.

With that being said …. hello again.

I remember my first time at Zinque marketplace in Downtown LA, years ago. It was a lovely curated space with a restaurant, marketplace and vibe. So, when we decided to see a movie at the AMC in Century City, it was a natural pre-movie choice for light bites and a delicious dinner.

First off, as it’s the Century City Mall – you’re apt to get lost trying to find it. It’s in a location space close to Santa Monica Blvd, near the Container Store and above Saje, on the second level. Another direction description is that its directly down from the food court, where all the larger format restaurants are.

That being said, once we actually found Zinque’s location, it was time to order and eat. Time, based on our movie’s start time, was of the essence. I considered a few options but settled on starting with the CRUDO (tuna, capers, olives, crème fraîche, oranges) and the main course of the MOULES-FRITES (mussels, shallots, white wine cream sauce, pastis, parsley – with fries). The steak and fries were a VERY close contender. But, our waiter sold me on the idea of the creamy broth of the seafood dish.

He ordered the ASPARAGUS (mustard & bacon vinaigrette) and the GRASS-FED BEEF BURGER & FRIES – lettuce, tomato, gruyere cheese, pickled cucumber, Sriracha and 1000 island dressing on a brioche bun.

I was amused to enjoy asparagus as an appetizer. I have to admit, that was a true first. But, I was also surprised that it was so good. The crudo was also tasty. But, I would have preferred the accompaniment of a toasted bread or an elongated crouton. Being served just the tuna felt a bit lacking.

The mussels and fries hit the spot of salty rich goodness that I didn’t know I desired. Paired with the classic NEGRONI ROUGE (gin, Campari, Carpano Antica vermouth) and I was in food delight.

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Zinqué - Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 2790
Los Angeles, California 90067
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