Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry is a lovely rose based cocktail bar and restaurant - with a generous outdoor patio - in West Los Angeles

When Sonni came back to visit Los Angeles for the weekend, I was excited when she invited me to her group friend hangout at Sorry Not Sorry in West Los Angeles.

Now, the fact that there’s a rosé bar in Los Angeles is super fun. I easily found parking on Pico Blvd on a Friday night.

The decor of the main bar was delightful. Tones of hot pink, roses, green and gold were on point. I walked back and was immediately greeted by a spacious outdoor patio and found my group.

Now, the challenge of sitting in a large group has traditionally been the fuckery that comes in at the end of the meal. One person gets a small item whereas another gets two cocktails that are $20 each. Usually, it’s a mess. One group check over 13 people? It’s 2023. This was thankfully NOT the case at Sorry Not Sorry. When I politely excused myself to directly speak with the bartender and waitress about getting a separate check, they assured me that the group was already on separate checks! It was a breath of fresh air of modern convenience.

Browsing the menu, I figured that instead of getting a cocktail, I should get a rosé. Since, it’s a rosé focused bar – of course! I ordered the Gruet Winery’s NV Sauvage Rosé (New Mexico).  I actually did taste the wild strawberry and a hint of cherry that is described in the rosé notes.

As duo of light bites, I ordered the SUMMER WATERMELON SALAD (cucumber, red onion, mint, balsamic) and TURMERIC GARLIC FRIES (ketchup & Mama Kim’s aioli). Under the summer sky, the summer watermelon salad was perfect. The large chunks of watermelon were juicy and perfect. I appreciated the balsamic sauce as contrast.

The turmeric garlic fries were aromatic and delicious. Another group guest mentioned that she greatly enjoyed the scent of the fries, as the garlic was intoxicating.

Settling the bill was extremely easy. Our lovely waitress rotated around the table and settled each person’s check with ease.

Overall, Sorry Not Sorry was a lovely summer experience with a group of friendly patrons. The vibe was right, the drinks flowed and life felt really good under the Los Angeles skyline.

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Sorry Not Sorry

11520 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90064
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