Holloway House Club, A Soho House Restaurant
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Holloway House Club, A Soho House Restaurant

Holloway House’s club restaurant is a delicious, well appointed American cusine addition to the Soho House network.

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April 27, 2023
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Soho House is a private members’ club that was founded in 1995 in London, England, by Nick Jones. Since then, it’s rapidly expanded it portfolio beyond a members’ club. It also includes hotels, theaters, restaurants, and co-working spaces. In short, it’s an updated concept of an international country club – with a modern, younger, upscale vibe – without golf.

I explored the option of staying at Soho House, in Istanbul, Turkey last year. Why? Because, Soho House clubs have become a symbol of exclusivity and style, attracting a diverse mix of members, including celebrities, entrepreneurs, and creatives. And visiting Turkey for the first time, I wanted to sojourn at the Cool Kids Club. However, based on the reviews, I didn’t feel drawn to the beautiful – but louder than desired night club environment that you could hear through the room walls. I wanted to prioritize sleeping.

Turns out, I’m not that cool anymore….. (ha!)

So, I was delighted when Amanda pondered joining one of Soho House’s locations in Los Angeles. Immediately, I was highly supportive. Not for my own membership pondering (okay, not ONLY because of that). But, because I’d heard about the outstanding connections and member programming that are available within the network.

When her membership was approved, we immediately booked a table at her Soho house of choice: Holloway House, for the Holloway House Club’s restaurant.

Holloway House is one of the more recent houses opened by the chain. I was curious about how the smaller house (compared to the two floors of the Sunset Blvd club) would craft a comfortable, stylish, and relaxed space. To say I was excited is an understatement.

Immediately upon arrival at the appointed day and time, I was impressed. Holloway House is an artistic movement in comfort, modern elegance and – most importantly – art. Vibrant art is everywhere – on the walls and in the very essence of the space.

Settling into the club’s restaurant’s burgundy leather booths reminded me of our dinner at  The Tower Restaurant at the Sunset Tower Hotel. It set the tone for the evening.

We started with the dinner off with drinks, of course. Amanda order a delicious glass of CHANDON BRUT SPARKLING ROSÉ (I tasted it, fantastic – with hints of strawberry, watermelon and cherry). I ordered the bartenders choice of a drink, build around a smokey maple rye liquor. Literally, my drink had no name. Why? The drink I originally wanted from the menu was not available. Apparently, one of the ingredients had been out of stock for two months.

For two months they couldn’t make a drink that was on the menu – and they had paper menus that could be reprinted?


Nevertheless, I did taste hints of the yellow chartreuse that I wanted in my original drink within my bartender’s creation. So, I was a-ok with the switch.

To share, we ordered the HAMACHI CRUDO (lotus root, yuzu truffle dressing, mizuna) and CEVICHE (Baja bass, leche de tigre, tostada, cilantro). Both were outstanding, with the hamachi crudo being my favorite of the two.

For our main courses, Amanda ordered the CAESAR LITTLE GEM (croutons, parmesan, anchovy) with added CHICKEN. As for myself, I ordered the TONNARELLI CACIO E PEPE (black pepper). When our dishes arrived, we were pleased. My cacao e pepe was cooked al dente, rich with cheesy goodness and peppery AF.

There simply is nothing like conversing and eating with a friend who truly and deeply understands you. As we talked, I relished the access to the House, the high quality artwork that decorated the walls and the overall vibe of the space. I felt so proud of Amanda and her fingers-crossed-soon-to-be-produced screenplay. I relished the deep, beauty of the memories of our recent travels in Alberta, Canada together.

Good friends deserve to be celebrated and loved. Especially, when you can do that over great food.

To finish, we shared the MEXICAN BREAD PUDDING with salted caramel gelato. It was delicious and the perfect way to end a lovely first visit to Holloway House, with many more to come.

Holloway House Club, A Soho House Restaurant

8465 Holloway Drive
West Hollywood, California 90069

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