Plaq Chocolat

This is literally the best chocolate I've had in my life, so far.

Simply put, the chocolate at Plaq Chocolat is most outstanding chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

I first received a recommendation to visit Plaq from another attendee at my hat making workshop, earlier in the week. A fellow attendee, when hearing my desire to find a chocolatier, suggested that I take a stroll along Rue Montorgueil and perhaps stop at her favorite chocolatier,  Plaq. She spoke highly of the quality of the chocolate and how delicious each piece was.

After an absolutely lovely walk on Rue Monteorgueil, I wandered up to Plaq. Upon first opening the door, I was impressed. The interior was was absolutely lovely – modern, clean and gorgeous. The scent of high quality chocolate filled my nostrils and tempted my tastebuds.

It was everything I wanted to get, and more. I immediately mentally thanked that kind stranger – who made a beautiful hat – for her suggestion.

Plaq is so decadently delicious, so bean to bar good, that you can taste the actual difference between chocolate sourced from Costa Rica and Peru.

Plaq was the kind of place that requires a call to a friend to specifically ask what exact percentage of milk to chocolate they like, where do they like the beans to be sourced from, and if they’d like a hazelnut and praline filled chocolate bar or only a traditional bar.

It’s not chocolate you eat in one sitting – even though you can. It’s chocolate that you savor over days and weeks. Because every time you break off a small piece, it’s your birthday in your mouth.

The chocolate bars at Plaq are simply orally transcendent, mouthwateringly exquisite and well worth the price.

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Plaq Chocolat

4 Rue du Nil
Paris, France 75002
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