Belgian Wic

Belgian Wic

My Belgian waffle with caramel was melt in your mouth goodness of the highest order.

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December 17, 2022
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There is something to be said about finding place at a the right time. My desire list for Paris was short. Yes, buying something beautiful from Louis Vuitton was on the list. But, what was even higher? Finding a Belgian style waffle stand while in Paris.

I had a pipping hot, true Belgian waffle while in Brussel on a walking tour earlier that autumn. For me, it was love at first bite. That waffle was melt in your mouth goodness of the highest order. From the firmness of the outside waffle to the soft chewy inside, it was a time, a place, and a memory I was desperate to recreate. I’d tried to find something similar in Los Angeles. But, to no avail.

With as many times that France attempted to conquer Belgium, I was fairly confident that I could find a Belgium waffle in Paris So, imagine my delight and surprise when I looked up from my camera while on a photo walk of Rue Montorgueil and saw this magical waffle stand.


I ordered a BELGIAN WAFFLE WITH CARAMEL. It was love at first bite. The sweetness of the salted caramel paired well with the texture of the Belgian waffle.

It made me so incredibly happy. It was the perfect afternoon treat.

Belgian Wic

34 Rue Montorgueil
Paris, France 75001
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