Brasserie du Louvre – Bocuse

Brasserie du Louvre - Bocuse offered the best introduction to high quality French cuisine

After recovering from a bit of jet lag – by sleeping 6 straight hours – to say I was hungry would be an understatement. Rather than venture out for a meal beyond the confines of Hôtel du Louvre, I decided to go downstairs and try Brasserie du Louvre – Bocuse.

While sitting at my table, looking out at the landscape of Paris beyond the frame of the window, it finally settled into my mind that I was actually in Paris. A city I’d dreamed of revisiting since my first time in undergrad.

Some experiences are simply too perfect for words. In that moment, I felt such an exhilaration of love, appreciation and gratitude for the year. That was the essence of pure positive energy. Watching people walk by, bundled up for the weather – it was the essence of Paris in December.

I quickly settled into the scene and the menu.

I began with a glass VEUVE CLICQUOT – BRUT ROSÉ.

Because, Paris. And when in Paris, a glass of champagne with dinner is the right decision.

I continued with an order of GRATINATED FRENCH ONION SOUP LYONNAISE STYLE. To have that, with the sliced French bread, was a slice of heaven. The soup was thick with onions and incredibly rich – unlike any American style interpretation of this classic I’ve had the pleasure of having, up to that moment.

Next, I continued with the BRASSERIE BOCUSE’S CHAROLAIS BURGER (Red Onion Compote, Béarnaise Sauce, Tomme De Savoie Cheese).

With one bite, I was sucked into a pleasure zone of how decadent the higher quality of French cuisine is.

It was so much, that I simply couldn’t finish the burger.

I finished with a bowl of Peach SORBET topped with a little MADELEINE CAKE, the smallest slice of GRAND-MÈRE WAFFLE with CARAMEL WITH SALTED BUTTER they could make and a hot cup of decaffeinated coffee.

C’était incroyable.

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Brasserie du Louvre - Bocuse in Hôtel du Louvre

1 Place André Malraux
Paris, France 75001
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