Breakfast at Brasserie du Louvre
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Breakfast at Brasserie du Louvre

I thrive on the complimentary breakfast for Hyatt Globalists. And breakfast at Hotel du Louvre at Brasserie du Louvre is one of the best.

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December 17, 2022
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I cannot express how delicious, tasteful and visually pleasing having breakfast at Brasserie du Louvre at Hotel du Louvre is. It’s simply marvelous. From the decor to the quality and flavor of the selections, there’s just something special about breakfast in Paris. Especially, here.

It’s so easy to fall in love with food in Paris. From the softest, buttery rich French bread – to the cappuccinos I sipped and savored, breakfast at Brasserie du Louvre was a morning treat.

I ate so much delicious bread.

In fact, I truly understood the idea of some that all you need is a lavishly buttered piece of bread and coffee with a piece of fruit for a great simple start to your day. When you have high quality ingredients that create high vibe results – that sustains you longer than you’d expect.

My favorite part of the breakfast?

Besides being complimentary for Hyatt Globalist status guests, it was the view. I relished eating my crepe while looking out beyond the windows, as the sun rose above the streets of Paris. Hyatts in the Unbound Collection category have the best breakfast selections.

Truly, along with the hotel cocktail bar Officine du Louvre, one of the many highlights of my stay at Hotel du Louvre.

Brasserie du Louvre – Bocuse in Hôtel du Louvre

1 Place André Malraux
Paris, France 75001

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