Officine du Louvre

Officine du Louvre

This could be the most beautiful cocktail bar in Paris.

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December 21, 2022
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There is only one word that describes the Officine du Louvre: exquisite. This might be the most beautiful cocktail bar in Paris.

My love affair with this bar began with my welcome drink, while I was waiting for the final preparations for my suite at the hotel. Browsing the menu, I settled on the BLUE VELVET (Rhum Clément canne blue, Pineapple juice, Blue curaçao, lavender and violet liqueur, Coconut cream).

Now, this is the first time I’d ever read about the Martinique Rhum Agricole style of rum. This rum only uses the “Canne Bleue” sugarcane in spirit preparation. And let me tell you, the quality of even this singular aspect of the drink is incredible.

Later in the week, I found myself double fisting a glass of the Blue Velvet and GREEN FAIRY (Absinthe, Orgeat, Lemon Perrier) after a rather dismal time at Moulin Rogue. Due to the lateness of the hour – around 11:30pm, I also ended up ordering Uber Eats from a local McDonalds.

Yes, I sat in a fancy bar in Paris, eating a le Big Mac with bbq sauce and lukewarm fries, while the bartenders cleaned up after ending their shift early.

Thinking back, this highly amuses me.

But frankly, it was the best end to the night. Sometimes, it’s all about the simple pleasures.

Officine du Louvre in the Hôtel du Louvre

1 Pl. André Malraux
Paris, France 75001

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