Au Pied de Cochon

There are some quintessential Parisian experiences that you know exist. But, when you fall into them, it’s as if the universe conspired for your late night dining pleasure.

After a lovely late night at Crazy Horse Paris, I arrived back at my hotel, hungry and eager to see the late night room service menu. After browsing the menu at the front desk and not finding anything that sparked my interest, the fantastic front desk agent suggested a local restaurant within relatively short walking distance: Au Pied de Cochon.

So at 1 am, I walked from my hotel, exploring the 1st Arrondissement and Las Halles, to dinner. My walk was safe and exhilarating. People celebrated France reaching the World Cup finals. I minded my own business while I walked – but took in everything around me.

When I arrived at Au Pied de Cochon – I gasp’d. The place was French AF. Old school, open all night, French bistro. Filled with French people and travelers like me.

Settling in, I basked in the sheer joy of being alive in Paris after midnight. Browsing the menu, I realized it was best if I steered clear of the more – distinct – aspects of French cuisine. It wasn’t my particular taste to order frogs legs. So, I ordered the 14 HOUR SLOW-COOKED PORK LOIN (mushrooms, finely mashed potatoes with butter) for dinner. Along with a glass of HOUSE PINOT NOIR.

Digging in, I savored every bite as my eyes wandered around the dining room. I watched fried pig trotters being delivered! Fried pig feet! Snails! A seafood tower! All the French bread! I was enthralled.

The energy of Paris was alive and I was in love with it.

To end the dinner, I ordered a perfectly flamed CREME BRÛLÉE with a hot cup of DECAF COFFEE. It was the very definition of pleasure. I cracked the sugar shell and licked my spoon. The pipping hot coffee warmed my hands and got me ready to face the walk back to the hotel in 30 degree night air.

I even found pleasure in the walk back to my hotel. The fact that I could walk safely in the streets of Paris, safely at 3am was completely foreign to me. Unlike the streets of Los Angeles at night, Paris was extremely clean.

Arriving back to my suite and snuggling into bed, I was in a state of gratitude for the chain of events that led me to that moment. Au Pied de Cochon was the perfect point of late night decadence for a hungry stomach.

While on a photo walk the next day, I was delighted to take some additional photographs of the location. It was just as romantic as I’d remembered it, early that morning.

A Paris icon. Open 24/7.

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Au Pied de Cochon

6 Rue Coquillière
Paris , France 75001
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