Crazy Horse Paris

With skilled dancers, sky high heels and stunning performances, Crazy Horse in Paris is my favorite burlesque cabaret in the world.

It was during a dinner and a show at Duane Park in New York where Zoe, a Parisian native that I met at a yoga retreat in Puerto Vallarta, suggested that I go to Crazy Horse while I was in Paris.

Now, I’d known about Crazy Horse in Paris, the same way that I knew about Moulin Rouge. But, for some reason, it didn’t strike me as a place I could book tickets to. Frankly, I thought that the show I wanted would be already sold out and that I would need to find something else to do in Paris.

Not only did the show time and day I wanted have availability – but I also ordered a half bottle of champagne to enjoy at my seat! I went back and forth on also reserving a dinner reservation package at their partner restaurant, Ginger. But ultimately, decided against it – just in case I found something else I wanted to do, better.

On the appointed day, at the appointed hour, I took the metro from the Hotel du Louvre to the Charles V stop. As I’d arrived before doors opened for the late show, I strolled along George V, and was almost immediately blindsided by the Eiffel Tower.

It was like all I needed to do was see it for myself again, after so many years had past since my first trip to Paris. I smiled as I – yet again – remembered that I was in Paris in 30 degree weather.

Walking back to Crazy Horse, admission was finally granted a bit before showtime. I was excited, curious and very, very impressed with the modern details to such a timeless classic. Nothing in Crazy Horse looked dated. In fact, everything looked extremely trendy – even the boob wall!


After checking my coat at the complimentary coat check, I was taken to my seat. Not only was the seat comfortable – but, the view, the champagne and the vibe was also outstanding. And the show hadn’t even started yet!

Once the show began, no photography was allowed. All I can say is, the performance, the precision and the beauty of the dances was incredible. Hands down, the show at Crazy Horse in Paris is my favorite burlesque cabaret in the world.

It was sensual, beautiful and creative. Fun and playful. But, above all else, it was a masterfully produced show.


The Show

Introduction to Crazy Horse Paris, France with Ensemble
Attitude with Pixelle Canon
Taste Of Champagne with Frida Whirlwind
Reine Des Cours
 By Chantal Thomass & Stéphane Jarny with Bamby Splish-Splash
Voodoo By Christian Louboutin with Starlette O’ Ara
Miss Astra
 with Yuzu Azenor
Rougir De Désir
 By Philippe Decouflé with Lava Stratosphère
Vestal’s Desire
 with Nini Pompéi
But I Am A Good Girl
 with Pixelle Canon
Artiste Invité with Robert Muraine
Undress To Kill
 by Ali Mahdavi & Dita Von Teese
 with Bamby Splish-Splash
Scanner with Ensemble
Upside Down
 by Philippe Decouflé with Pixelle Canon
*Upside Down was my favorite of the whole show. A masterpiece.*
Artiste Invited with Robert Muraine
Femme Fatale
 with Starlette O’ Ara
Lay Laser Lay
 with Vénus Océane
Miss Astra Is Back with Yuzu Azenor
Baby Buns with Ensemble
Take My Love
 by Patricia Folly & Cyrille Vergnes with Lolita Kiss-Curl
You Turn Me On with Ensemble

If you are deciding between Moulin Rogue and Crazy Horse, there’s absolutely no question: go to Crazy Horse. It was everything I wanted to see in a Parisian revue.

Plus, it inspired me to go back to pole classes at Luscious Maven Pole Studio.

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Crazy Horse Paris

12 Av. George V
Paris, France 75008
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