Otto Waffle Atelier

Otto Waffle Atelier

After dreaming about it since my first visit to Belgium, I finally had my dreamy Belgium waffle at Otto Waffle Atelier

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June 9, 2023
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During a previous trip to Brussels, I’d literally fallen in love and romanticized the first delicious bite from my first true Belgium waffle. I’d tried to recreate that magic at Belgin Wic on the streets of Paris. It was close – deliciously close. I’d also tried to find that same feeling at Chambar in Vancouver. But, the idea of the waffle in Belgium had a distinct hold on my memories.

So, I knew that of all the things I wanted to do while in Belgium, having a delicious waffle was at the top of the list. So, while on the walking tour of Bruges and Ghent – Belgium’s Fairytale Cities by Brussels City Tours in Bruges, I became focused on my goal. Then, as my tour group walked the cobblestone city streets, I became overwhelmed with all of the waffle choices. They were EVERYWHERE.

While passing one particular waffle shop on our way to the Belfry of Bruges, our guide, David, causally pointed out that it was his favorite in Bruges. I quickly made a note, taking a screenshot of the location in Apple Maps. Subsequently, after he gave us free time to explore the area, I made my was back to Otto Waffle Atelier, by way of stopping by The Chocolate Line, of course.

I ordered the CHOCOLATE LADY (Oat waffle with homemade vanilla ice-cream, homemade dark chocolate sauce, cacao nibs, roasted buckwheat, edible flowers) and an ESPRESSO.

Once my items were ready for me at the counter, I could only say one thing – wow.

The Chocolate Lady was gorgeous. Did it taste as good as it looked? Yes, indeed it did.

As I stood there, with my Nikon and my chocolates, I basked in the fact that I was in Bruges, overlooking a canal and truly in love with my life.

So when in double, eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, light snack or dinner. Live your life in pleasure.

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