I never thought I was a person that would pick a hotel based on its distance to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Vancouver. However, during this trip that's exactly what I deliciously did.

One of the highlights of a pre-Covid, previous trip to Vancouver was Beth’s suggestion of dining at Chambar. We loved it – but I was concerned that it didn’t survive Covid-19 shut down. Happily, it did. And, yes, I actually did check to see how far it was from the Douglas before booking the hotel for the night.

It was a brisk walk in misty rain from the hotel to Chambar. However, once we parted the heavy curtain and checked our coats to the complimentary coat check, the outside world didn’t matter. Only, our hungry appetites.

I was pleased to see the decor and vibe of Chambar was exactly how I remembered it. Here, refined decor met with delicious dishes.

I began with a LAVENDER LATTE. The hint of lavender was pitch perfect. I don’t now what it is about lavender lattes. But, done well, they are warm, inviting and happiness inducing on a cold winter day.

For my main course, I actually ordered the same thing I had years prior – BROCHETTE DE PORC (Barbecued bacon, chicken-bacon-Manchego sausage, spicy andouille, saucisson de Paris, tomatillo & pineapple salsa, spiced potatoes). I can honestly say, it was better than ever. The meat was juicy, the potatoes were delicious and the tomatillo and pineapple salsa truly stood out while enhancing the dish. When I was done, there was nothing left on the plate.

Now, the distinctive difference that makes a breakfast at Chambar shine is their waffles. Their waffles are the best that I’ve had outside of Europe. And I love, love, love, love, love Belgium style waffles. To that end, I ordered the WAFFLE WITH PISTACHIO ROSE WATER SAUCE and later, another with FIG ORANGE MARMALADE.

One cannot convey how delightfully delicious enjoying such decadence was. All I can say is that if Chambar were in Los Angeles – even Santa Barbara – I would make it a point to eat there at least once a month.

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568 Beatty Street
Crosstown, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 2L3
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