Après Teepee Snowshoe Tour with Whistler Snowshoe

Snowshoeing in a forest outside of Whistler, BC was truly a magical, one of a kind experience in the winter wonderland of Western Canada

When looking at peak experiences to enjoy around Whistler, I knew that I wanted to either focus on cross country skiing or find something new. After a quick search of “things to do in Whistler”, I found the perfect activity: snowshoeing through the forest to a teepee!

As we arrived, the snow began falling around us. It felt like a magical story of a Canadian fairytale, brought to life. The level of serene peace I felt in the utter silence of the forest was auditory relief.

It took being in the Canadian forest to realize how noise centered life in Los Angeles actually is. Actually, I felt the same feeling when in Alberta. When I’m in Canada, I just feel a deeper, more profound connection to nature.

The first leg of the journey, from the check in area to the teepee, took about 45 minutes. It was… a hike. It felt like I was doing the most while getting a whole body work out at 2,198 feet above sea level, over streams and past baby waterfalls.

We arrived at the teepee as the sun set beyond the trees. In the sparkling twilight, I was hit with a profound feeling of “Wow, this is my life” and deep gratitude.

I truly feel proud that I cultivate meaningful experiences for myself and those that I love and surround myself with.

Settling in to the roaring fire and sipping mulled wine, I allowed my body to relax and take in the atmosphere. The cheese and charcuterie board was just enough sustenance to satisfy my hunger, without being too much.

Jenn, our guide, was fun, energetic and extremely helpful. Two hours of snowy adventure and hiking went by in a flash. Especially, because when my slow ass got tired, she suggested that she go a bit ahead, get the snow mobile and pick us up for the last leg.

It was a perfect end to a lovely experience.

Travel Tips:

  1. If you are traveling from Whistler to the Blackcomb Dogsled Base, be prepared that it will take LONGER than you expect. Traffic from Whistler to the Base is heavy during peak season.
  2. Do not use Apple Maps for directions. Get directions via Google Maps and stay on the path, as instructed.
  3. Do not wear fitness shoes or ski boots for snowshoeing. Wear comfortable, insulated snow boots that you can safely walk in – along with proper snow pants – with a base layer.
  4. For a top, I highly recommend just wearing a base layer and a comfortable snow jacket. You WILL get warm and start sweating.  It’s not a matter of if – as much as a matter of when. Dress accordingly in layers, to easily ventilate your body as needed.
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Whistler Snowshoe at Blackcomb Dogsled Base

Callaghan Rd (Use Google Maps to Blackcomb Dogsled Base)
Whistler, BC V0N1B0, Canada Canada
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